The state of Israel - Good Bye

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Israel, Good bye.

I have no patience to say good bye to Israel. When I will leave, I'll not close my bank account or anything, cuz I'll never ever come back here again!!!

I'm a jewish boy and I came here with my family when I was very young. No I'm getting sick of the last nazi country on Earth, so I'll be out of it till the end of the year!
My brother for example, wants to marry a non-jewish girl. The laws here are not allowing him to do it, so he has to do it somwhere else. I talked with my GrandMa about it and she said that there was similar laws in the 40s in my first country, because of the nazi-German rejime. But now my GrandMa receives money from Germany because of that. So, who is going to pay may brother for not allowing him to marry in his country??? The state of Israel??? The very same state of Israel that kicks him away to get married??? No way!!!! The state of Israel just knows how to receive, not how to give! So why do you think I'll believe you that you treat the arabs the way you should than? I dont believe you at all - I know well what kinda liars you are!!!

Phuck the "democratic" state of Israel, the one without a constitution and the laws of wich treat the people not as equal! Fuck it!

Here is a song from me to you. Like it or not, I don't care! It's not like the anthem of the state of Israel, that the author of it lived and died in USA, but it's something that many people arond the world know and respect. Here it is:


Re: The state of Israel - Hello

"the one without a constitution"

Instead we have the Basic laws- even more progressive than most of the western world

Everyone has the right to intimacy and privacy. How cool is that?

Good bye. Good riddence. Israel is the only place in the world a jew can feel at home. I am working on my Irvrit so I can make alliyah and do avodah for eretz Yisroel sheli.

Who will hire me when I talk like a pre-schooler?

Re: The state of Israel - Good Bye

I don't ansewer any comments! I have an alergy to proud israelies! Fuck you too!!!

Stop bombing Sderot

sparsely-populated areas

Sderot is a city, you idiot. And a densely populated one at that