Conning Congress for Bad Intentions

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It was reported by the L.A. Times and many others,
this actual Israeli plan, of linking bin with Hussein,
was in place days before 911 went down, according to
German Intel.

Conning Congress for Bad Intentions

New evidence: Ron Suskind is Right

/ / What was an Iraqi politician doing at CIA
headquarters just days before he distributed
a fake memo incriminating Saddam Hussein in 9/11? \ \

It was reported by the L.A. Times and many others,
this actual Israeli plan, of linking bin with Hussein,
was in place days before 911 went down, according to
German Intel. Alex Jones will not tell you this, because
hey, george noory is a good guy, and israel is just
another, nothing special culture of self centered
defilers of all God's Great Creation.

Again, Bush knew personally he was CONNING Congress
along with the rest of the American suckers, and
Alex Jones will never tell you that, because WE ALL
have to fit his fictions as powerless puppet people
never responsible for our actions, otherwise we'll
all loose our public showings like Jack Blood did,
stating the TRUTH is too controversial. Again, Alex
Jonesers will teach you to fear the NWO, but not your
one local newspaper for stealing your rights to be heard,
while availing themselves to steal our public utilities,
and as a consequence, of these REAL criminals stealing
our lives, need to continue CONNING our teens to die for
Zionist criminals like George Noory does every fukcing
day while chuckling his contempt for God's Silence.
Your silence.

Alex Jones "Intentions can be evil."

A Public Letter to America from King Johnny

Interview with - Radio Free America (back-up)

Wow! This was one powerful showing of our present
circumstances. Let us all speak for Obama to order US
in to formally arrest those responsible for 911,
including the war crimes of Afghanistan and Iraq,
Georgia and Lebanon too will not be impossible with
24 hour cop-o-rate news coverage following our
investigators around, to joyously receiving Justice
to the culprits who committed 911 with General Ahmad,
who doctored the NIE on Iraq, who gives BLINDLY
private bankers trillions on hopes that they might
loan a little some back at high interest, openly
conning congress to KILL AMERICA for stolen gains
through "LAWLESS" terrorism. Lawless terrorism of
the ungodly kind of a criminal mind.. Have no Fear!
We is Here!! ! The crimes of torture warrant the
death sentence in America for good reason. Evil
is dumb always to except the Bushmob shall leave
US unshackled to escape for Public trial of the
worst treasons.

"2,700-year-old marijuana stash found"

A sacred hidden stash of Primo Primo, The sacred
"SEED" of Abraham has returned!? despite the wars
against life by the neocons. Fox News doesn't care
that the bushmob conned congress, as America's
Kids for dying as bad guy terrorist war criminals.
Escaping the Zionist Neocon traitors. Demon liars
my friend, followed by cowardly mute savages who
enjoy lawlessly abusing all others to steal from,
a McCainiac/Bushite has no true concern to defend
America from the 911 terrorists, or from bank
robberies, because they can't truly form their own
opinion, escapes them as push-around blind cowardly
ignorant foxnews fascists, who to make up for their
"hidden" shortcomings, advocate abusing the freedom of
others - like to pretend their honorable like George
Noory for dropping millions of land mines indiscriminately
through-out Jewish communities inside Northern Lebanon,
to TARGET KILL REAL JEWS for an Israeli like Palin or
funny bad man, Bill 'he'll kill'ya' Oh-Really. Have you
seen ANY of the American Air Force videos available where
these enemies of every life bomb ourselves
indiscriminately while chanting hail Satans, or
whatever sworn evil as barbaric, abusing
female soldiers, Iraqi and Afghanistan women and
children, expecting YOUR not American enough to
voice Humanity for Justice instead as freedom
yearned there desperately? Now, how do YOU feel about
pro-war-crime happy George Noory? You'd think he'd
only kill an innocent Arab Christian sure, proudly,
but not an American Christian for the Zionist Neocon
Demon Liars? Think so foolish brother?

(But I bet that stash could have been used for food, lodging,
fuel, clothing for next to nothing in overhead instead mabe.
The stuff grows like weeds..)

FDA Sets Melamine Standard For Baby Formula

No, instead, we arrest them for endangering American lives,
give'em twenty to life, or death sentences, and by doing so,
we will bring about a society where the zionist government
doesn't openly try to rob or murder our families for stolen
money. People of Earth: Did you know Americans poison their
own dairy supplies with BGH to kill themselves for monetary
gains stolen?

True Demon Enemy of God and Humanity George Noory "All is well."

The Demon enemy refuses American Patriots a voice for Justice
because he told US he's into killing kids. No Justice for 911
in America cause George Noory, the Traitor, is into killing
innocent children. Loosechange has never been allowed to
defend ourselves, while, near daily, George Noory lies as bin
Laden on facts WE know repeatedly he KNOWS better of. General
Ahmad funded Atta. The day American George Noory leaves, will be
a holiday celebrated by all soldiers who believe in warring for
Justice. George Noory, demon enemy who told Alex Jones
he'd go ballistic against any soldier who refused a criminal
order. Happy George Noory is as wicked evil as evil can be,
while America's Alex Jones foolishly heaps fearful praise for
his naked treachery, to move no concern for the REAL 911 culprits
escaping 'free', while then to go on about not speaking about
Ron Paul's refusal to demand FAIR elections in our names.
(However, Ron will take our donated cash some place else though
- so, and can America here left truly afford to care for Life?,
when such investments are just carted away like in Iraq with KBR,
or for death squad mercenaries to police UNARMED Army baracks?,
yeah we need change, and that change is going to come from US
and Obama. Obama: before you get yourself all tangled in war
criming for losing your wits, and selling out for evil because
you can't ever except bailing out private interest bankers is
dufunct in reason absent, as, makes no sense whatsoever. What
are you going to be doing Obama? Still chewing out bankers with
free trillions on hopes they'll maybe lend some of our own money
back to us at huge interest? Hope? I mean, come on, Obama! How
stupid do you take US for tomorrow? Why not invite me up for a
chat once you get all sworn in an that.. Hope to hear from you
soon on supporting my calls for some real Justice Johnny coming
to town! Or, is Obama maybe wishing to remain more cowardly as
silent for neocon swindles, looking further foolish worth dying
all of our forsaken Humanity as?) Obama: the nation of Israel
STEALS an innocent Christian's home, and if they're in on a deal,
American tax payers will PAY THE THIEF, near 250,000 American
dollars to leave the home they stole at gun-point. Now, Obama:
does that sound fair to the homeless beggers that live in garbage
dumps, in this nation of Israel that recieves more "socialist
welfare" from America than Americans! (on a per-capita scale
structured for any Marx fans out of there.)

More than any other in the History of Humanity. They kill
Jews for money. They bombed Jews in Lebanon for money. They
want to bomb the HUGE sacred Jewish communities in Iran..
wonder why? Zionists are not Jews, for Jews don't steal in
God's good name. Nor target innocent beings for stolen
gains. A zionist is a thief to life, and as such, needs to
be formally charged for their criminal offenses, given
lawyers, and upon a successful prosecution, rot in a prison
cell and/or pay restitutions. YES. why? so not another
innocent person must fall in their place as next victim to
a zionist's public committment to lawless tyranny for evil

I'm a Good Guy.

I want to work with Alex on the truths WE all share. A person
accused of a criminal offence without any evidence is innocent.
And, the private bankers do not cover our loans to begin with,
so to further support a false system of exploitation, is to not
call a halt to these bankers 'magically' taking all our money
for nothing. We were told the 700 mill was needed desperately,
for the nation was at risk, so congress okayed it, then, they
took the money and say they've decided to do something else
with the emergency funds, something secret - in total nearing
EIGHT trillion... everyone call the cops, and the FBI must get
involved in seizing our misappropriated investments BACK! in
this charade no one is buying but the wanna be you swindled.

"The economic downturn and rising unemployment rate are making
the military a more attractive option, Pentagon officials say."

Extremely Suspicious Behavior

/ / Greg knows, like the Pope knows, as every
legitimate police officer worth their grain of salt
knows, as so too does include a great many Jewish Jews,
George W. Bush used absolutely no evidence to
substantiate his therefore, false accusations in our
names against bin Laden, while then ardently with Cheney,
worked to close outstanding criminal investigations
regarding their extremely suspicious behavior. All
according to his official publicly documented plan. And
speaking the news as thus, does not make anyone
anti-Semitic, anti-American, or anti-Human, but
pro-Jewish, pro-Christian, pro-Muslim, pro-Justice
pro-Freedom, almost wholly human like even. Not of a
long gone as lost and forgotten religious dogma, but for
now as it always has been found, a mutual respect for
all life as we find ourselves being part of. Or, so we
would for Atheists, argue in all likelihood to get to the
same reasoned to be, just political decision, to this or
any another life and death matters matter. \ \

/ / Contemptible people who blindly follow corporate
Zionism don't have any understanding as reason for their
baseless opinion on victimizing our God, because we
know they hide from open debate of their personal
proven falsehoods, and misgivings on the power of
my words. \ \

The Words of Christ

You watch grunts bombing men, women, and children
running for their lives from a Church service, and
ask yourself, am I going to live in a world where
such behavior is meted out against God's family of
Humanity, and say nothing in the defense of US still
falling victim to America's silence on such ungodly
treachery? Justice to the war criminals of
indiscriminate warfare would better serve ourselves
to halt for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


SNL Clip: The Bailout, Sandler and Soros Skit ...and the REST of the story

U.S. Devil Soldier in Iraq Hails Satan

This is why Christ, the Son of Man celebrates the
deaths of these lawless enemies of Mankind. Every
bushite death means another helpless innocent
Christian's family has been defended. Did you know:
those of the Air Force routinely bomb our cities
indiscriminately for the Satanic neocon? Watch,
Americans couldn't much care less to EVEN speak
against these treasonous monsters.

The Corporation - Psychopath Inc. - PART 2 of 15

Column: Impeach before Bush leaves office

U.S. And Allies Torture 12 year olds in Iraqi Prisons

/ / 12-year-old girl crying, “They have undressed
me. They have poured water over me.” He said he
heard her whimpering daily. \ \

The nazi grunts had/have a pre-pubescent ward where all
the girls were made to be naked for the amusement
of grunts, who of NONE, even speak for the defense
of God's loved children, let alone kill a grunt instantly
for the defense of America from the neocon. Zionists are
the lawless enemies of every life on this planet. They
OPENLY steal, rape, and pillage as sword enemies of God.
Example: the Supreme Commander Buford Blount of the Third
Infantry, amerika's new police forces, is a Saudi Wahabist,
who OPENLY orders mindless grunts who praise "SATAN" to
murder indiscriminately while giving out 170 tons of plastic
explosives for looting to kill US, The People, and the
Zionist News Propaganders likes that a plenty, so too,
as consequence, do most Americans in cowardly silence.
People of Earth, Americans do not have the Humanity to
speak for our interests of defending the Innocent as
ourselves. Support my demands to allow open debate in


Look, to punish the innocent as a liar and thief, makes you
an ungodly evil person, not the standard of which "G-D" would
celebrate most chosen for treating all others fairly in
freedom's interest. Evil Israeli STEAL PEOPLES HOMES, and
God's Love for US, The People.

The Siege on Gaza: We Share the Blame

We all share the blame by not demanding Justice for ourselves.
Support Johnny's demand for open public debate on this EASILY
winnable case of ungodly terrorist strikes by the unelected
zionist neocons, the pirates of the Jewish faith.

Israel bars Pope's representative from visiting Gaza for Sunday services

"Yeah but.. I thought Israeli were a godly bunch?"

The Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

Look, these enemies of Life steal INNOCENT PEOPLES HOMES
as thieves of The King of Jew's simple philosophy.
God's home in Israel is a place where Justice is realized
for the benefit of everyone, as what is freedom found
granted most high. Not for zionist thieves and torturers,
indiscriminate land mine bombers and rapists,
to steal our values of common decency for our fellow man.
Not racist bigot enemies of civilization to tell US
we must sacrifice as further war crime victims for
their truly EVIL betrayals to God and Man.

Zionists are true enemies of Jews according to The
Holy Bible if you'd ever pick it up for perusal.
They are a criminal nation that OPENLY thieves from
Christian families according to their NAZI unjust

A bushite speaks nothing for the defense of
America, but lies to escape the neocon Zionists for
mass murder in New York City on 911.

True as the Birth Mark on my Ass

German Intel told Bush Personally of 911 in August 2001

/ / Among the most important claims it makes are the
following: German intelligence detected plans for an
attack by Arab extremists on the United States, to
take place on September 10 or 11, 2001. Israel was
aware of the plans and wished the attack to take
place without hindrance. The German ambassador
informed the President of the US of the impending
attacks. He thanked the ambassador and said that he
already knew. \ \ Realize: the German government
has Officially NOT denied this Government Report is
as true as the birth mark on my ass.

Then, later in August 2001, the nazi Mossad/NEOCON
was reported by the L.A. Times, to have told the
American public an imminent terror attack would
actually be done by... (drum-roll) Saddam and bin
Laden!!!!!!!! dingdingdingding - DEMAND traitor
George Noory take our/my call without censorship to
find Justice for Ourselves in America. dingdingding
- pick up YOUR phone American Citizen! Neocons are
truly evil nazi enemies who will continue to order
grunts to murder Innocent Human beings without
thought to question recent history.

The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

The Corporation - Psychopath Inc. - PART 2 of 15

¿Pro-Israel = twisted evil demon nazi bigoted fuk?

"Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel.
Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to
clean the floors of the White House," Benjamin Emanuel
the twisted evil demon nazi bigoted fuk, father of Rahm
Emanuel, told the Israeli Ma'ariv daily.


"RAND Lobbies Pentagon: Start War To Save U.S. Economy"
This is treason warranting death.

Senior Corporate Executives Warned to Leave N.Y. on 9/11: Source

Syria response to US will be 'painful'

/ / Damascus has warned that it will carry out
'painful' measures if the US fails to explain its
recent cross-border raid into Syria. \ \

Yeah hey! These FALSE ACCUSER bushite enemies of
Life, steal the voices of US, all because WE refuse
to demand evidence to force their allegations. If,
as usual they have only LIES to murder our friends
and families, You must demand America stand up
against these war criminals like yore average godless
zionist liar is. Understand: McCain THE TERRORIST
proudly takes credit for firebombing millions of
helpless Peasants in Vietnam for France, all to
enrich war mongers at the Pentagon, who to this day,
"lose", at least 25% of all monies stolen from the
pocketbook of every tax paying American victim.

'No charges but US may never release Prisoners'

No charges. Why must WE except to have to explain
this? How fukcnig evil is America where this kind
of unholy tyranny is just silently excepted as an
excuse to pay for bushite grunts who serve as
zionist traitors at Guantanamo? Think about it.

The Government's Actions Are Making the Financial Crisis Worse
* The bailouts are causing HIGHER mortgage rates for consumers

Palin is a zionist witch playing as typical repuglicon
bigot, more great than any other figure of Humanity's
horrored history. While the tv christian americans
can't even be bothered to scream for corrections
against her. For what? For lying DEMONICALLY about
Russia defending South Ossetia from the Nazi war
criminal Saakashvili forces, who first strike
attacked hospitals, children's schools, Churches, to
then grenade dwellings of where US Humans lived.
Georgia is being run under by a ungodly zionist nazi
bush bitch liar name Saakashvili, who needs to be
immediately arrested for first degree acts of mass
murder. United for freedom shall win through just
measurements we exclaim to explain uncensored.
Saakashvili is a war criminal who ordered the
indiscriminate murder of our civilian populace, a
crime warranting death anywhere, just ask ourselves.
It's called mass murder.

Former FBI Official: Bush Told FBI To Blame Anthrax Attacks On Al Qaeda

But see? CNN, PBS, Fox News and the McCainiac
doesn't care about defending YOUR dying rights, they
have lots of our money already, thank you very much
for giving credit where your due is to die stolen
from for the neocon traitors. People Stand Up.

Officer admits deleting part of record of events before tube shooting

Peter Powers did the LONDON 7/7 bombings. Bombings whom
Netanyawho spoke he was warned to stay clear from, for mass
murder of the British was to shortly happen there for the
benefit of the 'hidden' neocon betrayers. Don't let them
escape this crime against our God as the Human Family I say.

U.S. Devil Soldier in Iraq Hails Satan

Jack Blood - Richard Andrew Grove Interview 8-9-06 .mp3 Grove - Jack Blood Interview 8-9-06.mp3

The Number Man Walter Burian is at:

700 billion dollar ripoff is nothing

Math is good, illiterate Libertarians pumping they
know everything important about managing our money
because it's the shadow New World Order in action
beyond all comprehension, (buy my gold buy my gold,)
is wasting our times. The private banker does NOT
cover OUR loans. And "truthers" might never tell you
that because it doesn't fit their Shadow NWO fictions
of a mad crazed criminal group of superior geniuses,
somewhere hidden top secretly running our whole show
of shows from behind the scenes, making all us into
powerless puppet people believing things unknown as

The private banker does NOT cover OUR loans.

So mysteriously strange is this giving our facts
blindly through ignorance without legal framework as
real fairness, the corrupt Government of Earth
~apparently~ easily steals OUR rights without
questions asked by a "Truther": If the private
billionaire banker doesn't cover our loans to
ourselves, why do we somehow EVER owe them
further for nothing but self contempt going
unaddressed my friends? Being idiots? Us puppets of
the NWO fictions of a secret government with bad
intent, hiding us with secret strategies sold as a
good thing from the good guys who can't do math. The
private banker does NOT cover OUR loans. Just like
Ron Paul making off with our cash donations after
giving in to a rigged election doesn't fit Alex's
"NWO" excuses either, but I'm here to say: Ron Paul
ain't all that bad a guy though.. I mean, you know,
in the bigger picture. See it now? I'm willing to
work with/past Alex on the real issues as measured,
and any other, to politely debate these indisputable
facts with our Police Services and Church
Congregations, the Atheists and or the Morons, then,
put all Neocons on Public trial for the highest of
treasons starting at 911 for our common good, while
promoting international dialog on easily solving the
private banker crisis too. Thank God for that! eh?!


I hope so, I'm not here selling my wares for nothing
you know.

I got dreams too.


ES&S Touch-Screen Votes Now Flipping in TX Too!
Obama/DNC Attorneys Still AWOL!


musical interlude

Coldcut vs TV Sheriff "Revolution '08"

Scorpions-Send Me An Angel (Acoustic version)


U.S. Devil Soldier in Iraq Hails Satan

Here a Marine claims ungodly evil intentions for
Lucifer. But, I will explain: why do YOU think
Satan/Devil ect.. would damn evil bushite all to
Hell GONE from any as God.. For Love? It's like,
every time an evil bushite dies, an Angel gets it's
wings! A bushite speaks nothing for the defense of
America, but lies to escape the neocon Zionists for
mass murder in New York City on 911. Light bearing
work makes the job much easier for US all my friends.

The Words of Christ

You watch grunts bombing men, women, and children
running for their lives from a Church service, and
ask yourself, am I going to live in a world where
such behavior is meted out against God's family of
Humanity, and say nothing in the defense of US still
falling victim to America's silence on such ungodly
treachery? Justice to the war criminals of
indiscriminate warfare would better serve ourselves
to halt for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


Here bushite grunts kill men, women and children as
"any person you see" including those running from a
Church by simply stating all are armed. Impossible
to ascertain in 1 sec.. even if.. for what? to
PREVIOUS WORKS] Actors for the Pentagon do most the
voice overs, [reminded me actually of a guest with
sworn enemy of GOD George Noory recently] who will
never escape our world for these recorded acts of
first degree mass murders. The video does include
some of the original audio of the Air Force Grunter
who is in another popular video slaughtering women
and children absent the bad voice overs.. fuk,
Christ HATES the bushite to death my friends, HATES
the godless enemy of Liberty to death. Don't believe
in Christ? or God amerika nazi zionist's bastards?..
just try being real. Death to the bushite lying
traitors of America all free innocent peoples still
alive proclaim in our name United for Peace.

Women and Children get wasted by Apache gun ship

Random People Murdered by AC-130 in Afghanistan

When you see soldiers now desecrating ACDC, or
Metallica, while shooting kids, you’ll find the will
to defend America from enemy bots who'll never live
another second if we have our way.. Johnny is
President and. CEO!

David Mortari: Hero

Demon enemy of God and Puppies, David Mortari admits
he murdered the Puppy for fun.. (Just as the Grunts
who threw the children off a bridge in Baghdad for
fun, or of those who admitted in the British Press to
beating innocent children they randomly kidnapped to
death, (or just knocked out all their teeth, and
broke jaws,) to let off some Limbaugh steam) Yet, the
demon enemy LIAR of Life who made this video, claims
David Mortari only threw a dead Puppy off a cliff.
[poster 1concernedchristian, the nazi zionist enemy
of God and man states, "Democrats and Liberals Hate
America", no, the nazi lying punk named
1concernedchristian hates God and Freedom in America.
Dishonorable to the core of what it means to be a man
on the internet, plays pretend so to "get away" with
murdering our innocent families to thieve from,
alleging he can't possibly be as ignorant as he
claims stealing our good names like that..

Marine Puppy Killer Response Message to Service Members

This demon fuk claims torturing innocent people to
death is okay, like killing puppies, or raping our
kids, it's just stupid to put it on youtube where the
Men of Humanity, instead of blindly loving godless
tyranny, just might wake up and hunt it down for


Now, this guy is more like a real man confronted with
the facts on how these godless savages take pleasure
in killing puppies, decides, these puppy killers
don't rightly deserve our blind respect as warring
for the good side. (If fact, maybe we should
nominate this courageous Mortal to head up the
Military of the New World Order..)

A little puppy abused by US soldiers in Iraq

Here bushites get ready to kill more *TERRIFIED*
puppies, because they claim our fear of THEM trumps
our love for puppies. WE DEMAND a fight to the death
in the Octagon against any bushite grunt who believes
I, as Christ am not true to my word. Death to the
Bushite killers of all in which God loves, death to
the enemies of my Freedom to love Children, Puppies,
as Freedom from the godless, heartless tyranny of
soulless grunters who despise US, the truly strong
and brave out to win one for the Gipper. Reagan made
it a death sentence to torture as the grunts do
routinely to our women and children without apology.

US Soldier Tosses an Iraqi Kid Off a Bridge onto Concrete

Marines Torture Iraqi Children by blowing up the
water treatment plants, then make eight year olds run
five miles to save the life of their/OUR LOVED
MOPTHE$^R%RSEDG - all done for their entertainment.
Just read of soldiers at youtube who revel in their
hatred for Justice and love in America. No wonder we
have 100 "suicides" of bushite grunts per WEEK in
America. If my Dad came back from Iraq, and told me
how proud he was for escaping the neocon traitors of
911, by murdering countless children for sadistic
pleasure, I'll bill him myself, I mean.. wouldn't

Real Jews don't murder innocent people to steal our rights
to Life for money.

The Big Picture 7/8 - Mind Wars

[Part7/9] The War on Democracy

Billionaire Wall Street Guru Flees The Coming Collapse


President Johnny

The corporate media whores refuse to defend US by
acknowledging, General Ahamd funded 911's Atta, or that Saddam
wasn't found in violation of UN resolution 1441. Trillions
are missing from the Pentagon, Pensions, and Federal Reserve
offices as the new america: where the people just refuse to
speak for the real defense of their own continuing downfalls.

Over $800 Billion already spent bailing out Wall Street

There are reports that the bushmob took 850 billion dollars of
American tax money, (this is on top of the 700) and gave the
money free to private bankers for worthless securities or
derivatives to hide the huge criminal fraud in the market
place. (of which did nothing but 'cause' a massive loss on
the 'magic' total board last week) Understand: Because YOU as
an American refuse to demand justice to re-coop your real
loses due to fraud, (or mass murder) the bushmob has it Your
to be victimized again, to blindly pay through faith,
billionaires money for nothing but YOUR contempt for the true
leadership skills that we possess to bring about a better just
world through free communication on speaking Facts. The
banker DOES NOT cover the initial loan! Remember: these are
the same guys who knew Saddam had no WMD, and doctored the NIE
to boot your son or daughter's rotting corpse in Iraq for
stolen monies. Car one, where are you?

/ / What this means is that the Treasury is borrowing money from
the Federal Reserve, at interest that the taxpayer is paying, that
it doesn't need to borrow. \ \

Impossible. It is the Treasury that is the Treasury. Paying these
private bankers blindly for nothing but to cover fraud. should be
found highly criminal if we had a President Johnny leastly willing
to seek a public explanation to everyone from anyone willing to
buy into a better investment.

The two talking cats

I again, ask you as a Russian to demand open public trials for
the 911 masterminds. For, Americans with growing bills to pay
these actual continuing war criminals, just refuse to even
lift their heavy phone to demand open debate for justice on
911 to win back their, falling credit standing among US, the

Lehman Brothers approved $100 million executive payout days before declaring bankruptcy

We Need Real Leadership

McCainiac "We got to have our head examined!"

The bushmob doctored the NIE on Iraq to con America for death.


CIA gave the Iranians blueprints to build a bomb?

/ / The CIA had given him the nuclear blueprints and then sent
him to Vienna to sell them - or simply give them - to the
Iranian representatives to the International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA). \ \

Just where is Iran on this Revelation of the bushmob
undermining American interests? Or, on dope pushing? I know
Iranians are smarter than Americans could imagine, so, why
does it seem that Iran fears calling on Justice for Allah's
true will by supporting our call to demand the arrests of the
911 culprits? Robert Grenier paid the salary of General
Ahmad, and General Ahmad funded the 911 patsy Atta. Also, we
have video of iron flowing like water prior to the towers free
fall. And, Bush and Cheney worked to close investigations
immediately don't forget. Didn't want anybody to even look at
the subject for several years as smoke screening. It's hard
to believe sometimes that they actually believed they were
going to escape ourselves on Humanity's issue of Freedom
prevailing to win Justice for all big time. Have no fear!
Humanity is there!

ALL military judges need immediate Public review by those
qualified to speak wisely as justice is: NO EVIDENCE PERSON
INNOCENT - Judge Mattis deserves to die by trial of public
Jury for "judging" the Haditha child killers innocent of
crimes they freely confessed to committing, and every other
who for example, for show, advertised a soldier guilty of
first degree murders to maybe eight years. Bushite grunts
with the DEA, freely admit to pushing heroin into America
through Vancouver, and elsewhere, to earn Americans life term
prison sentences in Texas for simple possession. all the
While defending Sharia law to abuse women and children in our
nation of Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and elsewheres.

I demand to be respected by America for open debate to explain
their continuing cowardice to the enslavement of zionist
ungodly tyranny.

/ / One of the symptoms he did not mention was the
intellectual corruption that spews from the Fed, such as the
recent decision of the Fed to pay banks interest on their
deposits at the Fed! / /

This action does not serve the interests of America, but that
of private bankers getting billions from the American suckers
for absolutely nothing. I am serious. There is a God and we
are it losing out without real leadership present as
understanding. We are being conned in broad-day-light
brothers and sisters. The private banker didn’t cover the loan

/ / He said that the intercepted calls included highly
personal and intimate conversations and even phone sex. [of
American soldiers! to be blackmailed?]

GEORGE BUSH: It's phone calls of known Al Qaeda suspects
making a phone call into the United States. \ \

This is actually a criminal act of treason against freedom in
America, but, who's counting anymore? Let's go back to 911.


FOX News & Monsanto Whistle Blowers - Courts rule; Falsifying News is NOT Against the Law

But Fox News COULD be criminally charged with endangering
American lives though... Johnny Justice, King of this living
Universe, wants to have a word with every American in America,
enough is enough with this boob tubing assault against our
better judgments. United for freedom shall win through just
measurements we exclaim to explain uncensored. Example:
Saakashvili is a war criminal who ordered the indiscriminate
murder of our civilian populace, a crime warranting death
anywhere, just ask ourselves. It's called mass murder.


Facts mentioned UNCHALLENGED on CNN by Colin Powell that of
course, THESE ENEMIES OF HUMANITY, in cahoots with Israeli,
murdered women and children to steal further from a neoconned

THE TERRORIST PAL - McCain Firebombed Millions of Peasants

Understand: McCain THE TERRORIST proudly takes credit for
firebombing millions of helpless Peasants in Vietnam for
France, all to enrich war mongers at the Pentagon, who to this
day, "lose", at least 25% of all monies stolen from the
pocketbook of every tax paying American victim.

NATO bombed SIXTY CHILDREN without cause but to lie obscenely
as our enemies. I want these demons publicly tried, then
executed for targeting our children for murder. “We were
wrong on the number of civilian casualties partly because the
initial review was operating under real limitations,” yeah, to
believe they'd get away from US for this clear act of first
degree mass murder against sixty children no one could fail to
recognize if they were looking. Bushite grunters tell US the
TRUTH is Taliban propaganda. Understand, my friend, the only
crime the Taliban are guilty of, is asking for evidence to
form our conclusions. Death to the bushite, death to the
enemies of all that is good in Children as Humanity.

I would beg Our World to support Humanity's cry for Justice.


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