Mosque Near Bethlehem Burned by Israeli Settler-Terrorists

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How is the torching of this Mosque by Zionist Supremacists and different from the firebombing of Black churches by White Supremacists in the deep south during their Segregation, which is really all this is?

Mosque near Bethlehem burned down by Israeli settlers
Saed Bannoura - IMEMC

Remains of burned Mosque in Al-Khader (Ma'an)

Wednesday January 02, 2008

A group of Israeli settlers torched an historic mosque in the town of Al-Khader, near Bethlehem, on Tuesday. The settlers used 20 beehives as fuel for the fire, after stealing the beehives from a Palestinian farm located near the mosque.

The Al-Hamadiyya Mosque is the main center for prayer for most of the villagers in Al-Khader village, and is believed to be 700 years old.

The villagers restored the mosque several years ago, after they were prevented from going to other nearby mosques due to Israeli restrictions. The town of Al-Khader is completely surrounded by Israeli fences and the Wall, which is being constructed on the village land.

Israeli settlers have been attempting to seize land around Al-Khader for the expansion of the Jewish-only colonies of Efrata and El'azar. Al-Khader has faced increased restrictions by the Israeli military, including being unable to leave the village, which is completely surrounded.

So, with no way to leave their village, a group of local Muslim leaders restored the ruins of Al-Hamadiyya mosque. An imam was appointed two years ago to head the restored mosque.

The imam and fellowship of the mosque called on the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to help them rebuild the burned mosque, and to help protect the village from future Israeli attacks.



Re: Re: The One State Solution is the Best Solution

For the person that called me an "arrogant white guy/foreigner" the fact is I am not white, but Sephardic- and my family has lived in this region for three generations. Does that quality me to propose a solution to the conflict?

Joel Bainerman (author of the article, "A One State Solution will solve the Conflict"