New Israel Fund - Is It?

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This article explores if the Name “New Israel fund” really represents the Funds goals and agendas.
We want to claim that although the actions of the New Israel Fund is Blessed, their agenda should be more clear on what it supports and more then that what it doesn’t support. This article claims that the New Israel Fund does not support Israel the State or its Agenda and it does support Palestinian and Arab agenda and therefore should be called the “New Arab Fund In Israel”.

New Israel Fund was Established in 1979, the New Israel Fund's (NIF) mission is to "strengthen Israel's democracy and to promote freedom, justice and equality for all Israel's citizens."
Let’s look at some of their efforts to bring justice and equality for ALL Israel's citizens
They proudly support the following causes
1. Arab and Bedouin Citizens
2. Promote social and economic justice for Israel 's disadvantaged citizens
3. Civil and Human Rights: 1.3 million Arab citizens of Israel that face pervasive discrimination
4. Religious Pluralism and Tolerance: enhancing the links between Jewish life and social activism among all streams of Judaism
5. Education: NIF invests $1.2 million each year in education and youth activities.
Let's See who they really support and what is their real agenda.
1. Among their major beneficiaries of NIF grants are the Arab Association Hamoked, I'lam, Adalah, Ittijah, the Ahali Center for Community Development and Mossawa. These NIF-supported NGOs regularly produce reports that accuse Israel of human rights violations and religious persecution - That does not sound like a Israel fund to me it sounds like a Anti-Israel fund. These supported Arab organizations call out to the destruction of the Jewish state as we know it today. ( The author does not have any problem with Arab organizations)
2. Let's talk about disadvantaged citizens in Israel - if you are talking about poor communities let's take the Charedi - Ultra orthodox community, or the traditional Sephardic community what has been done for them ?
When we look at the proud list of NGO supported by New Israel Fund, we see that mainly the Arab and beduin population is helped out here - Well don’t call it the New Israel Fund call it the New Arab Fund !
3. Civil rights : Just one question where was the New Israel Fund when 8000 Jews were deported from their homes?
4. Religious Pluralism : Sounds good when you are a reform organization, try and get funding if you are any other religious organization or an organization trying to promote tolerance amongst Jews in Israel.
Out of thousands of religious organizations, synagogues, learning centers that are orthodox, or other organizations that promote
5. Education: They donate 1.2 million dollars to education in Israel - Mostly to Arabs and anti-Zionist agendas.

Lets ask the following questions:
Does the New Israel Fund mostly support Jewish causes in Israel ? - answer - NO
Does the New Israel Fund promote social and economic justice in Israel ? - answer - Yes if you are an Arab No If you are an Jew
Does the New Israel Fund equally care about Civil and Human Rights ? - Yes if you are an Arab and NO if you are deported from your house in Gaza
Are the New Israel Fund pluralistic in their nature ? Yes if you are an Reform Jewish Organization and NO if you are any other organization
Does the New Israel Fund promote education ? Definitely yes - But it's pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionistic
While any Fund can decide to allocate their money as it pleases, one must not hide behind a name like New Israel Fund. Supporting justice for Israeli Arabs and Palestinians is important, as much as supporting reform organizations but one has to change the name to the New Arab Fund In Israel.

One cannot promote economic justice if they only support the same segment of the society
One cannot claim to be a human rights organization where some humans are considered less than others
One cannot be pluralistic and shut down all other religious groups
and one for sure cannot promote one sided education agendas.

The suggestion is to call the fund by its real name “The New Arab Fund In Israel”.
The New Israel Fund does not support Israel or its agenda.

Alexander Sandor


New Israel Fund? - New Arab Fund!

Very imformative. My church asked me to look into ways of supporting Israel and I think The New Israel Fund is NOT what we want.

God Bless.