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Forbes on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits' James Dale Davidson's and His Own Biography

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Even Davidson's more recent 'biotech' penny stock scam Pluristem was not added to MantanMoreland's Davidson Wikipedia biography - but with reason - that's why he deleted my Davidson bio contribution in the first place - to censor the subject and facts about Davidson on Wikipedia.Too bad Gary Weiss' boss, Steve Forbes,encourages this type of irresponsible corporate behavior in its employees just as Gary Weiss encourages such behavior in his Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland

Forbes on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits' James Dale Davidson's and His Own Biography
by Tony Ryals

Even Davidson's more recent 'biotech' penny stock scam Pluristem was not added to MantanMoreland's Davidson Wikipedia biography - but with reason - that's why he deleted my Davidson bio contribution in the first place - to censor the subject and facts about Davidson on Wikipedia.Too bad Gary Weiss' boss, Steve Forbes,encourages this type of irresponsible corporate behavior in its employees just as Gary Weiss encourages such behavior in his Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland ! :

Forbes on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits' James Dale Davidson's and His Own Biography
by Tony Ryals

Even Davidson's more recent 'biotech' penny stock scam Pluristem was not added to MantanMoreland's Davidson Wikipedia biography - but with reason - that's why he deleted my Davidson bio contribution in the first place - to censor the subject and facts about Davidson on Wikipedia.Too bad Gary Weiss' boss, Steve Forbes,encourages this type of irresponsible corporate behavior in its employees just as Gary Weiss encourages such behavior in his Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland ! :


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I've put a {{POV check}} tag to the article, as it seems to be largely written using first person voice and contains questionable language (such as "suckers"), and no sources are stated. –Mysid (talk) 11:10, 8 November 2005 (UTC)

Actually, I will revert the whole article to the last version by User:Cnwb (thus removing all POV edits by within a week or so if no-one objects. –Mysid (talk) 11:15, 8 November 2005 (UTC)
Some discussion about this is in my talk archive (please don't post replies there, though). –Mysid 06:51, 16 December 2005 (UTC)
I've added some details on Davidson's career and also removed the "journalist" stub. Though he has co-authored some books, he is not a journalist per se.--Mantanmoreland 04:22, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:James_Dale_Davidson"
Actually to the contrary of Wikipedia 'editor' Mysid the James Dale Davidson bio I posted or created from a 'stub' did indeed have plenty of links and references
and it appears to have been the Wikipedia 'editor' MantanMoreland who wrote Forbes' business journalist' Gary Weiss' vanity biography just in time to promote his new book last year who also removed important factual information about James Dale Davidson - facts that could not only educate Wikipedia readers about Steve Forbes associate and founder of his National Taxpayers Union - but facts that could prevent others from being defrauded by Davidson in one of his ongoing stock or other frauds.
-Tony Ryals

Michael E. Davis, a former business partner of Wales who now serves as a member of the Wikimedia Foundation board and that organization's Treasurer, was named Treasurer and Secretary of Wikia in January 2006.
- Wikipedia
Plaintiff, Brian Dowling, commenced proceedings to collect ontwo judgments he obtained against defendants, Chicago OptionsAssociates and Michael E. Davis. In the process, Dowling learnedthatDavis had paid retainersto his lawyers, DLA Piper RudnickGrayCary (US), LLP (now known as DLA Piper (US) LLP) (hereafterPiper),in connection with efforts toprotecthis assetsfrom Dowling’sjudgments. Dowling sought turnover of those retainers from Piper.The circuit court of Cook County ruled in Dowling’s favor....

6) Larry Sanger neatly summarized the events surrounding a scandal that took place in early 2007. In January, Wikia, Inc. hired a 24-year-old named Ryan Jordan, in full knowledge that on Wikipedia he had been impersonating a multi-degreed college professor. In February, Jimmy Wales personally appointed Jordan (user name “Essjay”) to the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee — the highest panel of dispute resolution below the Board of Directors — knowing that Jordan had been impersonating a professor, and probably knowing that Jordan had perpetuated the charade with a Pulitzer-winning journalist at The New Yorker. The Arbitration Committee, by rule, had to accept Wales’ nomination of Jordan. Presumably, many of the Committee members also knew that Jordan had been impersonating a professor. Later that month, when Wales told The New Yorker, “I regard it as a pseudonym and I don’t really have a problem with it,” he was referring to the fact that Jordan had been impersonating a professor. The resulting firestorm surrounding Jordan’s fabricated credentials seems to have drowned out what may be the even larger ethical question — Jimmy Wales installed a Wikia employee, without debate, onto the Foundation’s most visible chamber of dispute resolution, without anyone questioning it.

(7) Jimmy Wales makes Wikipedia-related pronouncements when he is traveling for speaking engagements, and these have a quasi-policy effect within the encyclopedia. Yet, during these same speaking engagements, Wales will boost and promote his various Wikia-related projects for profit. Even in his public speaking, he cannot comprehend that he is ensnared in a tangled web of conflicted behavior. The Foundation board does vote on resolutions that affect what the encyclopedia looks like, how content is licensed and distributed, and how Wikipedia goes about its business generally. If a board member were to say “We do not do X on Wikipedia, that is for other wiki sites”, this implies “wikis such as Wikia, Inc., where I might make some money from it.” Wikimedia Foundation donors and volunteers should be concerned. It is the prerogative of the stakeholders to discuss conflicted management issues; however, thus far, these calls have fallen mostly on deaf ears.

This contributor feels that it is time for the federal authorities to step in (IRS Form 3949 A, perhaps) and at least investigate these claims of conflicted behavior among specific members on the Board of Directors of the Wikimedia Foundation, who are clearly using Wikimedia properties such as Wikipedia to personally benefit financially at Wikia, Inc.

End note: Substantial portions of this summary were culled and modified from discussions found on various websites, including Wikipedia. The authors of those portions are heartily thanked for their insight


'The son of a Huntsville, Ala., grocery-store manager and a teacher mother who ran a small private school called The House of Learning, Wales lives frugally by choice. He did “very well” as an options trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the 1990s before joining the dot.com boom in California. But he draws no income from Wikipedia, which cost him $500,000 to launch....'
The above links and background re Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and his former Chicago Options Associates business partner Michael E. Davis(who had to pay restitution to a former client and who is now a Wikipedia Foundation board member),are not new to securities or stock transactions - this was part of both their academic studies as well as the jobs prior to Wikipedia.The term 'naked short selling' being bandied about on Wikipedia by Forbes'
'business reporter' Gary Weiss and Patrick Byrne on Wikipedia and the internet - and Steve Forbes friend James Dale Davidson and David Patch before them - however,is relatively new ! In fact it WAS NEVER a term used by securities professionals or academics and so far the term can only be documented in use no later than 1999 when it appeared on an sec.gov web page posted by an anonymous individual presumeably involved with penny stocks ! April Fool,Wikipedia and Jimbo Wales - you have been conned by Gary Weiss and Patrrick Byrne although my now deleted Davidson bio warned you !

How can Jimbo Wales founder I guess of Wikipedia remain silent or non-commital re the Gary Weiss - Patrick Byrnes - Judd Bagely right wing stock controversy erroneously called 'naked short selling'? I emphasize right wing because Byrne has funded right wing causes with proceeds of money stolen or defrauded from investors through Overstock.com's share selling business and given it to politicians such as Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and right wing poltical causes such as Swift Boat Captains For Truth as well as anti-public medicine and anti-public education campaigns.Also the very term, 'naked short selling', bandied about on Wikpedia since the arrival of Overstock.com's and NCANS semi-anonymous gang arrived has only grown more confused since Gary Weiss anonymous Wikipedia vanity biographer came on the scene and not only 'edited' Mark
Cuban's bio to suit Gary Weiss but also completely deleted my bio of James Dale Davidson,close associate of Weiss' employer Steve Forbes,and founder in 1969 of the Alexandria,Virginia based National Tapayers Union - as well as NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling that Byrne's NCANS REPLACED COINCIDENTALLY !

Gary Weiss clearly is covering up for Forbes' pal Davidson on Wikipedia or at least his vanity biographer MantanMoreland is and deleting all reference to Davidson and Forbes and Bush and Clinton and ex CIA Colby and Agora Inc and NAANSSand newsmax.com and Genemax and Endovasc and Frank Carlucci etc,etc. !Thanks to Gary Weiss-MantanMoreland 'editing' you will find none of this on indymedia plus more details and links to the James Dale Davidson Wikipedia bio.In fact this cover up goes back as far as his BusinessWeek in 2003 when Gary Weiss even phoned the office of NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling in Blaine,Washington where the Genemax office of Davidson,Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins were housed together and never broke the story that Genemax that was promoted as a victim of 'naked short selling' was really just another illegal James Dale Davidson pump and dump fraud that inclused offshore accounts including the Davidson connected LOM of Bermuda.

Even Davidson's more recent 'biotech' penny stock scam Pluristem was not added to MontanMoreland's Davidson Wikipedia biography - but with reason - that's why he deleted my Davidson bio contribution in the first place - to censor the subject and facts about Davidson on Wikipedia.Too bad Gary Weiss' boss, Steve Forbes,encourages this type of irresponsible corporate behavior in its employees just as Gary Weiss encourages such behavior in his Wikipedia biographer MontanMoreland ! :

Pluristem Placentas,James Dale Davidson,Leumi Bank Israel Holocaust Victims,U.S.Penny Stock Fraud



Gary Weiss,who is Byrne's supposed nemesis on Wikipedia as well as on his blog,besides being a lap dog of Steve Forbes whose forbes.con has aided Byrnes naked short selling claim and given good press to Cryptometrics whose Jag Media Holdings shell erroneously claims to be a naked shorting victim - also is an apologist for far right war fraudster and ex World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.Gary Weiss also probably knows James Dale Davidson who is founder of Steve Forbes's et.al.'s National Taxpayers Union and whose Wikipedia bio was removed by MantanMoreland who wrote the vanity biography for Gary Weiss on Wikpedia.


Wikipedia 'Naked Shorted' by Forbes' Gary Weiss,
Overstock.con's Patrick Byrne Securities Fraud

While Gary Weiss battles with the fraudsters Patrick Byrne and Judd Bagley(ex Florida Governor Jeb Bush's internet dirty trickster) trying to claim the pump and dump scam called Overstock.com is really a victim of 'naked short selling' or share counterfeitting the truth is it is a money losing scam like so many worthless 'penny stock' companies that make the same claim.In fact Byrne and his anonymous friend who calls himself 'Bob O'Brien' even have set up several scammy websites claiming 'naked shorting' is occuring on a massive scale.This is a fraudulent lie of penny stock companies who actually hide their outstanding shares from their own investors ! The dividend paying Blue Chips never make the claim.
This is a well organised crime reduced to focusing on one or two involved companies by Weiss in order to distract from the organised nature of this U.S. penny stock manipulation and probable money laundering operation.

Gary Weiss on the other hand is just as bad as those he criticises who are running Overstock.com and NCANS.

Mob on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss Born To Eat Steve Forbes' Mangoes

Gary Weiss wrote a book some years ago titled,'Born to Steal: When the Mafia Hit Wall Street'.Gary now ignores the Israeli connections to Wall Street using U.S. penny stocks for fraud that far exceeds any Italian Mafia's and while accusing the con artist Patrick Byrne rightfully about lying regarding his naked short selling claim - that is really used by a large number of worthless and deceitful companies and their managements own stock manipulation of their shares - Gary himself through his Wikpedia editor MantanMoreland besides writing a vanity biography for him on Wikipedia - also has erased the entire bio of James Dale Davidson,founder of the National Taxpayers Union and friend to Weiss' boss Steve Forbes ! Why ?

Gary claims to love Indian mangoes especially the expensive irradiated kind flown to New York on a jet from India.So for Gary Weiss I suggest that his autobioghraphy's title be changed to ,' Born To Eat Steve Forbes' Mangoes'.

I can't say with 100% certainty that Steve Forbes' employee Gary Weiss is the Wikipedia editor MantanMoreland.What I can say is that it was MantanMoreland who wrote Gary Weiss Wikipedia vanity bio to promote his books and deceive its readers as to Weiss' credibility and journalistic integrity.It was also MantanMoreland who edited the biography of billionaire Maverick's basketball team owner Mark Cuban who Weiss has coincidentally also
had disputes with.And as I said,MantanMoreland has also completely erased the James Dale Davidson biography that connected Davidson,Steve Forbes pal,
to the very supposed anti-'naked short selling' that Gary criticises his other nemesis Patrick Byrne for promoting in the first place !

Below is from Mark Cuban re Gary Weiss and his Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland from his blogsite in 2006:


My Wiki is your wiki
Aug 22nd 2006 9:22AM

I got this email this afternoon from someone who apparently reads my blog.

"FYI: Gary Weiss, who has been pretty hard on you and Sharesleuth on his blog, is fixing to do some heavy editing on your article on Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Cuban ). His username (he doesn't use his real name) is Mantanmoreland. Unless you or somebody gets on it, you'll look pretty bad by the time he's done."

I hadn't check out my wiki page in a long time, so i go on there and read some history about myself that never happened, other stuff that was just wrong and found out that I admired some guy named Brian and that I was related to some guy named Adam. Two people I had never heard of in my life.

But I digress.

As I go through making some updates, I get to the part about Sharesleuth.com that was entered by someone with a login of "Mantanmoreland". Which of course matched what the emailer had suggested to me. As it turns out , this same login name is an author on the Gary Weiss Wikipedia page.

This is what Mantanmoreland wrote:

"In July 2006, Cuban financed creation of [[Sharesleuth.com]], which will publish negative information about publicly traded companies. Cuban will short-sell shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication. That has been widely criticized."

So I edited it to the following:

"In July 2006, Cuban financed creation of Sharesleuth.com, which will set out to uncover fraud and misinformation in publicy traded companies. Cuban's disclosure that he will take positions in the shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication has raised controversy"

Now I thought that would be the end of it. Not a chance.

As you can see from the history, 39 minutes later, here comes our friend MantanMoreland to change it all back. (You can see the change history here).

So Mantanmoreland must have had this on his watchlist, keeping an eye out for me. (Does this person have anything better to do with their time?) and he or she edited my changes quickly:

"Cuban's has said that he will take positions in the shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication. That has been widely criticized "

Criticized vs Controversial. Is it a big difference ? Doesnt matter.

Now little "Wikiwars " are inconsequential in the big scheme of things. The Wikipedia has a conflict resolution process in place to deal with such matters. But what has happened here leads me to ask a question.

If Mantanmoreland truly is Gary Weiss, is it ethical for a journalist to try to push his point of view on a public document under a pseudonym ?

Wouldn't an ethical journalist publish his or her name ?

Didnt a journalist get fired or reprimanded for taking sides under a pseudonym on Yahoo Message Boards ?

Is Mantanmoreland the pseudonym of Gary Weiss of http://garyweiss.blogspot.com/

And if it is, how much time do you plan on spending trying to update my wiki page gary ?
To Mark Cuban's good credit he blogged against Patrick Byrne's NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting ever since it appeared overnight in February 2005 with a $100,000 letter to W Bush in the Washington Post warning him of the supposed dangers of 'naked short selling' to the stock markets !
Gary Weiss appeared on the scene long after this fact pretending to be the one who knew it all and began to lie outright on his blogsite about a 'Phil Saunders' no one had ever heard of except for Weiss partner in the claim Roddy Boyd of the NY Post who appears to have made Phil Saunders up with no proof whatsover.
And this should be embarrassing for Weiss who has done nothing but cover up for the far right well connected James Dale Davidson whose NAANSS or National Association Againsty Naked Short Selling was the model for Patrick Byrne's et.al.'s NCANS !

Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals
Affiliation: defrauded investorDecember 11, 2007
Although I sent this comment previously I am sending it again to show just how far all this 'naked short claim' fraud by insiders to mainly penny stock scams but who also have powerful Beltway(such as James Dale Davidson)but also media and business media connections.No one even asked him about his previous penny stock touting background and history including Genemax with Davidson.Both Taser and GenesisIntermedia of Bernie Kerik and Adnan Khashoggi should both get SEC scrutiny just for having the nerve to claim they were 'naked shorted.David Patch had no problem, questions unasked,appearing on CNBC for instance.
And Steve Forbes' Gary Weiss did indeed have a 'vanity' biography placed on Wikipedia by the same alias Wikipedia editor,MantanMoreland,who removed all previous mention of NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling
and James Dale Davidson's role in it - just as the NAANSS website was removed from the internet to protect the guilty about the same time Patrick Byrn'e et.al.'s NCANS appeared(Hint:David Patch knows about both.)And it is clear Gary Weiss is himself covering up for and censoring all connections between Davidson and the naked short claim fraud that the U.S. SEC has allowed to grow out of hand.But using an online encyclopedia to infiltrate for the purpose of creating misinformation and confusion over a term 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' that I at least can find no reference to earlier than a 1999 email by an anonymous probable penny stock scam artist and then have Gary Weiss and Judd Bagely infiltrate or have insiders in Wikipedia itself editing or censoring or lying about securities is certainly something the SEC should take seriously and be concerned about.
- Tony Ryals
Dear SEC,
While I was adding more to my 'Gary Weiss Bashes Ron Paul-
'Libertarian Friend Of Wall Street ?' posts on the offshorebusiness.com message board another controversy broke out between Gary Weiss and the Overstock.con gang that involves manipulation of Wikipedia for the purpose of securities frauds.Patrick Byrne and his NCANS gang of course want to post Overstock.con share promotion propaganda on Wikipedia and have everyone pretend it has encyclopedic credibility.
And Gary Weiss appears to have more than just friends on Wall Street or at Forbes.con.It appears the NCANS fraudsters such as Judd Bagely ,(who was caught altering Dick Cheney's Wikipedia bio,hee hee),who is a former internet 'dirty tricks' propagandist for ex Florida Governor Jeb Bush is however onto something about Gary Weiss and his Wikipedia 'vanity bio' writer - the anonymous 'editor' MantanMoreland - because it occurs to me that it was this very alias editor on Wikipedia who also removed my links and material re James Dale Davidson including his role in creating NAANSS or 'National Association Against Naked Short Selling'.All mention of James Dale Davidson's connection to the now out of control naked short selling claim - used to distract from illegal insider share manipulation of non Blue Chip stocks - has been removed from Wikipedia thanks to Gary Weiss' Wikipedia 'biographer' MantanMoreland.
Logical deduction should help you at the SEC to see that MantanMoreland just like his bio subject Gary Weiss have made a premeditated decision to censor all mention of James Dale Davidson's involvement with NAANSS or mention of NAANSS ITSELF FOR THAT MATTER - SO THE CONFUSION and fraud started by Steve Forbes'(Weiss' employer),fellow National Taxpayers Union member and founder Davidson is covered up So as I conclude below both Weiss and his competitors at NCANS and Overstock.con have a common vested interest in mis-informing and defraud or aid in defrauding victims of the fraudulent naked short selling claim such as myself and I don't know how many others.You can't imagine how disillusioned I am that this former BusinessWeek reporter and author of 'The Mafia on Wall Street',etc. has all this time been conning me to believe he was as interested in the truth about this naked short claim fraud as I was Instead he was removing my material on Wikipdia to cover up for his bosses' pal Davidson.
In effect both Gary Weiss and his Nemesis, Overstock.con's Judd Bagely,are both securities and or penny stock scum and each cover up for their respected bosses - Steve Forbes and Patrick Byrne respectively And obviously if Wikipedia is going to allow these scam writers or editors on Wikipedia or the anonymous Irish-Black 'editor' Mantanmoreland who simultaneously claims black decent but appears more interested in certain Jews and Israelis(Weiss claims to be Jewish),and some Christian leaders than in black history or Palestinian history for instance.
In the area of stocks and securitiues where billions of dollars are at stake,Wikipedia IS ALLOWING THE FOXES INTO THE HENHOUSE BECAUSE BOTH WEISS AND BAGELY HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES IN THEIR 'EDITING' AT WIKIPEDIA.
This also explains how my writing and legit links to and about the penny stock fraudster and founder of Steve Forbes(Weiss's employer)connected National Taxpayers Union and all connections between him and NAANSS,etc. were removed and censored
- Tony Ryals
Re: Gary Weiss bashes Ron Paul - 'Libertarian Friend of Wall Street' ?
By 'Mantanmoreland' write's Gary's Wikpedia vanity 'bio' on 12/8/2007 12:59:43 PM
E-mail: endoscam@lycos.com
Uh,I believe you in your zeal to be cute with your Ma Barker bs forgot to mention the Tel Aviv connection.Tel Aviv is in Israel.
Oh that's why......Gary you must have run a penny scam in your life.If not you've missed your calling.
Are your fellow frauds and scammers at thesanitycheck right(definitly far right like you)about you manipulating Wikipedia?
Someone certainly censored and 'cleaned up'the truth and links about your boss's(Steve Forbes)pal James Dale Davidson and his role in the 'naked short selling' fraudulent penny stock claim didn't they?That alias I belive was 'Mantanmoreland' who coincidentally wrote the Wikipedia vanity biography for Gary Weiss If this is true Steve Forbes has a corp whore posing as a history and encyclopedia writer at Wikipeadi
So while thesanitycheck and Overstock.con folks are definitely securities criminals and con artists their supposed nemesis Gary Weiss with his Wikipedia vanity bio is equal to or worse than them ?.Wikipedia needs to investigate the possibilty a corp whore,Gary Weiss,or an associate of his,'Mantanmoreland', who also edits out James Dale Davidson's involvement(NAANSS and according to 'Bob O'Brien'also NCANS),are one and same or 'work' together on Wikipedia.All those editing Wikipedia's naked short selling site or related sites should be investigated ASAP.
THE VERY NAKED SHORT SELLING CLAIM FRAUD AND SCHEME that Weiss has pretended to investigate and lies to protect Davidson,(claiming a Phil Saunders not Davidson is involved with NCANS)Wikipedia should investigate ASAP.
Re: Gary Weiss bashes Ron Paul - 'Libertarian Friend of Wall Street' ?
By more 'matanmoreland',garyweiss and wikipedia on 12/8/2007 8:43:07 PM
E-mail: endoscam@lycos.com
The link to theregister of uk post below was brought to my attention by the fraudulent thesanitycheck.con website known to be sponsored by Patrick Byrne of Overstock.con wose daddy Jack Byrne is Geico insurance billionaire.There no doubt he is running a money losing scam and using the cash to among other things bribe U.S. such as Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. and funding political dirty tricks such as Swift Boat Captains For Truth and anti-public medicine and anti-public education and other far right political causes.
Note the whole purpose of the American based or targeted thesanitycheck.com is a supposed anti- 'naked short selling' campaign that even enlists corrupt politicians such as Utah's Huntsman Jr.,and U.S. Utah Republican Mormon Senators Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch.
On the other hand Wikipedia is unaware to judge from their vanity bio for Gary Weiss written by Wikipedia editor Wastemoreland,I mean Mantanmoreland,that Forbes employee and supposed scorge of the Mafia and other bad Italians(except for his bosses' presidential choice Rudy Giuliani et.al.),Gary Weiss - also has an agenda.And in light of 'Mantanmoreland's'
Wikipeadia stories he himself seems to not write much about 'business writers' - EXCEPT FOR THE EXCEPTION OF THE WEISS BIO
Mantanmoreland' who is somehow Irish also has a 'distant relation to a blak actor according to him which is strange even more so because his chief writting interest besides scam stocks(just like BusinessWeek,Forbes journalist Weiss whose Wikipedia bio he wrote.)
He says he is and Irish decent yet claims somehow a blood connection to a black actor he never really explains on his self written Wikipedia bio :
Some facts about Mantanmoreland
The name. Why "Mantanmoreland"? Because I am distantly related to the real Mantan Moreland. That's why It's my tribute to a great and underappreciated actor. No, I'm not African-American, not that it matters. I suppose that, if one wanted to be precise, you could say I am of primarily Irish-American ancestry with some leavening thrown in.
My interests: See below.
I became involved in an editing war a couple of months ago. I have vowed, "Never again"
I have the honor in my short career of having been stalked many times.
- Wikipedia editor
(Strange I had never heard of a wikipedia author being 'stalked' but I have read Gary Weiss' blogspot since he began covering Patrick Byrne and the naked short scam and Gary complained about being stalked by Overstalk.com's Judd Bagley.And funny still that Bagley who was a Gov. Jebb Bush dirty trick employee in Florida before returning home to Utah - the center of America's penny stock fraud and right wing Mormon crime - was removed as an 'editor' of Wikipedia
at first for editing the bio of Vice President Dick Cheney Was he trying to say something bad about Cheney on Wikipeadia ? I bet not - bet he was trying to 'cover up' Ha Ha
In effect both Gary Weiss and his Nemesis Overstock.con's Judd Bagely are both securities and or penny stock scum and each cover up for their respected bosses - Steve Forbes and Patrick Byrne respectively And obviously if Wikipedia is going to allow these scam writers or editors on Wikipedia or the anonymous Irish 'editor' Mantanmoreland who simultaneously claims black decent but appears more interested in certain Jews and Israelis in his writting(Weiss claims to be Jewish) then in this area of stocks and securitiues that as Mantanmoreland himself states has billions of DOllARS AT STAKE - THEN WIKIPEDIA IS ALLOWING THE FOXES INTO THE HENHOUSE FOR WHATEVER REASONS OF THEIR OWN.
This also explains how my writing and legit links to and about the penny stock fraudster and founder of Steve Forbes(Weiss's employer)connected National Taxpayers Union and all connections between him and NAANSS,etc. were removed and censored.
- Tony Ryals
Mantan Moreland
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Mantan Moreland
Born 03 September 1902(1902-09-03)
Monroe, Louisiana
United States of America
Died 28 September 1973 (aged 71)
Hollywood, California
United States of America
Occupation Actor, Comic
Mantan Moreland (3 September 1902 - 28 September 1973) was a comic and actor most popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Some of his roles are now considered to be controversial, as he often played a superstitious, easily frightened manservant, ready to flee at the first sign of danger, somewhat similar to roles played by Stepin Fetchit. However, many consider these roles to be just a minor part of Moreland's prolific career, which included many early all-black films as well as dozens of mainstream comedies, mysteries and horror movies.
Moreland began acting by the time he was an adolescent, reportedly running away to join the circus. By the late 1920s, he had made his way through vaudeville, working with various shows and revues, performing on Broadway and touring Europe. Initially, Moreland appeared in low-budget "race movies" aimed at African-American audiences, but as his comedic talents came to be recognized, he received roles in larger productions.
One thousand innocent bystanders
One sleepy evening this October, Cory Hogan stumbled onto Wikipedia while trawling the web for information on US Vice President Dick Cheney. He read the site's extensive screed on the curmudgeonly veep, and before he knew it, he was inclined to contribute his own thoughts to the discussion. But when he clicked on the "edit this page" tab, he was told he wasn't allowed.
A rather menacing message filled his web browser, announcing that Wikipedia edits were forbidden from his IP address. His address, the message said, was a favorite "open proxy" of Judd Bagley and Overstock.com.
Wikipedia bans Traverse Mountain, Utah
Cory Hogan shares his IP range with about 1,000 other homes in Traverse Mountain, Utah, a neighborhood twenty miles south of Salt Lake City, and one of those homes belongs to Judd Bagley. The two men live within two blocks of each other, and they're members of the same church.
When that message turned up on Wikipedia, Hogan's first thought was that Bagley was some sort of shady political henchman for the Vice President of the United States. But the truth is far stranger.
That Traverse Mountain IP address is not an open proxy. It would seem that the address was banned because Judd Bagley has accused Wikipedia's uber-administrators of skewing the contents of four online articles. Yes, just four. But those four articles may sway the fate of billions of dollars spilling through America's stock markets.
SlimVirgin, naked short selling, and the end of Web 2.0
Page: Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Next By Cade Metz in San Francisco #8594 More by this author
Published Thursday 6th December 2007 21:35 GMT
Find out how your peers are dealing with Virtualization
When short selling gets naked
Judd Bagley is the head of communications at Overstock.com, the web clearance house based in Salt Lake City, and his boss is the irrepressible Patrick Byrne. Since early 2005, Byrne has waged a very public crusade against a Wall Street trick known as naked short selling. This controversial campaign came to a head in February when Overstock filed a $3.48bn lawsuit against 12 New York brokerage firms, alleging a "massive, illegal stock market manipulation scheme."
For those of you who slept through your school lessons, a short sale is way of making money when the price of a stock goes down. Anticipating a price drop, you borrow shares from someone else and promptly sell them off. Then, once that drop kicks in, you buy the shares back and return them to the original owner.
A naked short sale works much the same way – except you dont really borrow the shares. Three days after the sale, when its time to actually deliver shares to the buyer, you fail to do so. Naked shorting isnt always illegal under Securities and Exchange Commission rules, but it is if youre attempting to manipulate stock prices. And Patrick Byrne is sure that such manipulation occurs on a grand scale.
Patrick Byrne
Using this scheme, Byrne claims, nefarious Wall Streeters can eventually drive entire companies out of business. "You can destroy these companies, and when that happens, you don't have to pay the IOUs off," he says. "It's basically a system for being a serial killer of small companies."
In March, Bloomberg Television aired a mini-documentary on naked shorting, and Byrne's views were prominently featured. But for the most part, the mainstream press has painted the Overstock CEO as a raving madman.
"The New York Post ran a picture of me with UFOs coming out of my head," he says. "And CNBC became the I-hate-Patrick-Byrne channel." In fact, he's received much the same treatment from The Register.
One of his most vociferous - and unrelenting - critics is a Forbes.com columnist, book author, and former BusinessWeek reporter named Gary Weiss. If you visit Weiss's blog, you'll see that he spends much of his bandwidth badmouthing Byrne, Overstock.com, and its crusade against naked shorting.
Enter Wikipedia
In late 2005, before he was officially hired by Overstock, Judd Bagley joined Patrick Byrne's crusade. He was working as an online journalist at the time, and that November, he interviewed Byrne for a website he was running called Businessjive.com.
"I started doing a podcast series interviewing entrepreneurial figures," Bagley says, "and Patrick was the first person I approached."
During the interview, naked shorting was discussed, and Bagley soon agreed to host a PowerPoint presentation that Byrne had put together detailing his views on the subject. "The information he gave me about naked short selling sounded kinda implausible," Bagley explains. "But the journalist in me started digging a little bit to learn more about this thing, and I managed to bump into all the things he predicted I would see."
A few days later, on January 28, 2006, while checking his site's server logs, Bagley noticed that at least one person had accessed this presentation by way of Wikipedia. Visiting the online encyclopedia for the first time, he found that someone had linked to Businessjive from Wikipedia's article on naked shorting - and that someone else had removed the link.
Bagley soon discovered that this person - identified only by the IP address - had made multiple edits to Wikipedia's naked shorting article, and in his opinion, these edits were patently biased. He believed that someone was preventing the article from telling the whole story.
What Gary Weiss failed to mention in his blog was that this U.S. penny stock fraud has an Israeli connection.And no I'm not 'anti-semitic' and this detail is very important.I who was ripped off in a
penny stock scam with Israeli connections(the Grin brothers and thus probably Union Bank of
Israel connections),also had a James Dale Davidson connection.Davidson is founder of the National Taxpayers Union that Steve Forbes has wrapped himself in like he does the U.S. flag.
Davidson is now involved in an Israeli scam(incorporated in the USA of course)along with ex Carlyle executive and CIA official Frank Carlucci.
James Dale Davidson is also a founder of NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Shorting Selling that has been replaced by Patrick Byrne's NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling.I find it very strange that Weiss,a Forbes employee,refuses to even mention James Dale Davidson's connection as a founding father of the very naked short selling claim scam he rails about re NCANS.
You may investigate for yourself Mr.Weiss' refusal to ever criticise or name James Davidson's role in this ongoing scam that is not 'naked short selling' at all but illegal pump and dump activities and the insiders use the naked short claim to divert attention from thgeir own manipulation.Even SEC Chair Chris 'Naked Shorts' Cox helps them by saying in a Bloomberg video that 'naked shorting' is a serious threat.
Also note that for whatever reason Gary Weiss sensationalises the mother(Ma Barker ) involved in the Washington state scam but yet ignores to inform his blog readers of the Israeli connection. Because I have also bemoaned Dubai ansd Kuala Lumpur involvement in U.S. penny stock fraud and even the Al Jazeera in english promotion of the naked short lie(Max Keiser) also does not make me anti-Arab either - only anti-fraud as I was a victim of it and did not want my money sent to either Kuala Lumpur,Dubai or Israel.
For all I know I aided terrorism but if so it is also the fault of the U.S. SEC and no investigative journalists caring that also aids terrorism or fraud.
This in my opion is most important quote from the
article that is subject of your and his blog:
The companies involved are America Asia Energy, Coattec Industries Inc., Detex Security Systems Inc. and Global Gaming Network Inc. All are based in Washington except Detex, which is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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'Libertarian' Ron Paul Lies About 'Naked Short Selling'


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Max Keiser ,Al Jazeera,Qatar promote Naked U.S. Penny Stock Fraud


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David Grin,Tel Aviv University,Laurus Capital Management and Union Bank of Israel


FOIA,Alberto Gonzales and SEC'S Chris Cox Enron,Merrill Lych,Latham & Watkins conflict


Tim Mahoney,vFinance,Venus Methodist Church,Florida,Sayed Mustafa and Islamic Usury


Charles Schwab:vFinance's Charles Patrick Garcia receives Henry B. Gonzalez award !?


Democrats William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney, iGate,vFinance,DOBI, Endovasc penny stock frauds


James Dale Davidson,Charles Schwab,Tim Mahoney,VFIN, LOM and penny stock share money laundering


Ireland Indymedia bans criticism of Lord Rees Mogg,James Dale Davidson


Post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Stock Exchange


Virginia:Marvin Bush,Securacom,9/11,U.S. Senator George Allen,Bawag Austria,offshores...


U.S. Republican George Allen More Corrupt Than Utah Senators Bob Bennett,Orrin Hatch ?


Asa Hutchinson,Charlie Crist,Jeb Bush,Republican stock fraud and drug trafficking,etc....


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NY WTC 'protected' by Kuwaiti company and Marvin Bush on 9/11


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SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud


Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?


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Israeli President Moshe Katsav aids massive penny stock fraud


Did Israel President Moshe Katzav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?


SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud


Chris Cox,SEC,Makram Majid Chams,Titan Corp,9/11,Abhu Ghraib,etc.


SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks


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To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud money laundering


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CIA and Gilman Louie are less than honest


Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering



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