Street peformance against the annexation wall

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On Saturday night, September 17th, a group of activists gathered in Emek Refaim St. in Jerusalem for a street performance in protest of the consturction of the separation wall which is being currently being built on seized land in Occupied Palestinian Territory. Together with our mock wall, prepared songs and costume we set out to raise the consciousness of the general public to the realities of the “security” wall, and the negative consequences it will have on both the Israeli and Palestinian people. We also worked to recruit people to the joint Israeli-Palestinian struggle against the wall.

In order to guarantee continuation of these performances we urgently need a volunteer with some artistic skills who can coordinate the preparation of materials (the reconstruction of the wall model, preparation of banners etc.), anyone interested is invited to be in contact with Mor at 050-5784081

We also need volunteers for the following:
- actors and actresses(Palestinians) in the performance
-a Greek chorus, which will accompany the performance
and will give more information on the wall - this
doesn’t necessarily involve singing!
- People to explain the issues to people in the area
- people to move the wall model
-photography, so that we can publicize the
performance on the internet later

As of yet no date has been set for the next performance, however anyone interested in joining or learning more is welcome to be in contact with us.

Mor 050-5784081
Dolev 054-8184467
Ariella – 050-8559545Related


Re: Street peformance against the annexation wall

How about some Street Theatre against the brainwashing of Palestinian children into "shaheeds" to kill Jews? How about some green bandanas with quote from the Koran where Jews are depicted as apes?

פה זה לא Ynet

האתר הזה (למיטב ידיעתי) לא מתיימר להיות פורטל חדשות שנועד לתת לך עידכון חי על פיגועים, משחקי כדורגל והחזה של יעל בר זוהר(הצעת ייעול?).
לפני שתנפח את החזה ותשנה את שמך למאלדר במשרד הפנים ראוי שתקרא קצת על מה אתה מקשקש.

אין שום בעיה שישראל תקים את חומת סין אם זה מוצא חן בעיניה (אם כי זה בזבוז כסף, כיעור לשמו ופוגע בבתי גידול טבעיים וייחודים רבים) רק שתבנה את זה על שטחה בקווי 67 ולא על אדמות פלסטינאיות.