Pro-Nazi Extremist at Ben Gurion University

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Nev Gordon endorses a Holocaust Denier


Re: Pro-Nazi Extremism

I always know when I am tempted to tell a lie. I know that my conscience will eventually make me tired and weary, if I waste my energy guarding my own little ‘national security’ judgment-escaping cover-up plans. My conscience will haunt me even in my dreams.

I have the same conscience as every other human being, but it is up to me how I will deal with mine. Will I ignore my conscience, or will I keep my conscience without guile?

I know that I should not tell lies, because I know that I do not like being lied to.

I need to abide by the golden rule, but sometimes I feel forced to keep silent about lies that others tell and propagate. I hate appearing compliant with serpents, but even God would not suppress the serpent. The rule must be golden in every realm of communication within heaven and earth – here, now and beyond.

How dare I suppress others? Didn’t God inspire us to come together in reasoning?

I know just as well as every other human being knows, if we all continue going around and lying to each other, we will again see our worldly tower of Babylon fall into dark despair. Suppression of others, communication breakdown, confusion, anger, violence and death are the fruits of ignoring the golden rule. These are the fruits of suppression, and so is terrorism.

People in high places always know when they are tempted to tell a lie. The laws will be judged when the multitudes no longer tolerate government censorship and the living lies of oppressors that sit in religious high places.

If all tax exempt religious organizations and all of their highly placed individuals would just agree to pay taxes of the same proportion as individual taxpaying citizens, then you would be completely free to speak your mind. Wouldn’t God want them to do this for the betterment of all his creation? By this policy, the religious leaders would have nothing to lose, but their incitement of censorship.

Whether spirituality or community spirit is provable or not, it is the duty of every income of church and state and individual to render unto society, in charity and in equality.

This will be the end of the mystery.

No talking. No justice. No Peace.

The dragons keep crushing the prophets and the innocent multitudes, while the serpents profit thereby.

The Root of Their Suffering

Open Letter to the Council for National Policy,

You People would have us think that democracy needs to be rescued from the state, but in the interest of the oppressed multitudes, as history can testify, democracy needs to be rescued from theocracy. What has changed in the last two thousand years?

You People hide behind a veil while you chip away at the wall separating church and state. This is why You People gather in some secret “holy place” three times yearly, to devise plans – not to educate the public as a 501(c)3 charity.

Your mother is Babylon. She is a tax shelter. She is a shelter of serpents and the mighty merchants of the Earth. This is why You People keep that Old Whore on life-support.

Through censorship, humiliation, threats of libel, or fear of crucifixion, You People hold back the publicity that would tie a millstone around Her neck and cast Her into Hell. What has changed in the last two thousand years?

To be mightier than the sword, the pen must be mightier than the blue pencil.
This is why prophets write riddles, and false prophets like You People at the Council for National Policy are unable to interpret them.

Given the right incentive, You People will back down from your religiously disguised tyranny without raising the sword. Moreover, without raising the sword, the right incentive will appear to You People.

You People who will come forward and defend your Mother in court, and thereby incriminate yourselves before the world - without a constitutional amendment to protect your sorry souls from judgment.

Libel, from Latin libellus “little book”