who is up to it now and for why

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Palestinian criminals carry out their strikes at the most inopportune time with regards to their cause and the most opportune time for the Zionist elite.

Like clockwork, whenever the conduct of the Israeli military is scrutinized by the world at large, a violent attack occurs that depicts the native Palestinians as crazed maniacs bent on savagery and destruction.

Relative to these creatures- Israel`s actions in the middle east seem justified,

When the international court at The Hague was first ready to debate the legality of the fence,
an attack targeting unarmed civilians took place in a suburb of Jerusalem.

The next day the headline read: “While the world debates the fence, Israel buries its dead”:
Pretty emotional stuff/

The government at once dispatched a cameraman to videotape the scene of
The blast in order to portray Palestinians in a most unforgiving light.

The videotape could be glimpsed on the governments website by all who
Had access to the world wide wen.

Evidently the government was party to the fact that a picture spoke louder than words do.

In 1986, a movie sanctioned by the government of Israel called the “sword of gideon” offered insight
into the thinking process of prominent officials of the government/

Their modus operandi was demonstrably predictable as\they repeatedly wire
with explosive to detonate it from afar via remote control or cell phone.
The cast of movie characters was quite high ranking.
Robert (Michael York) as an expert in explosives, Jean (Laurent Malet) as a professional driver, Hans (Robert Joy) as a hitman, and Carl (Peter Dvorsky) as a 'sweeper' who removes the evidence of their 'operations'.
The recent car bomb in Gaza following the court decision at the Hague while leaving three passengers dead is in keeping with the code of conduct of mossad operatives.
The innumerable attacks in Iraq may also be their work and unfortunately the attack that left a soldier to die in an Israeli town may have the finger prints of the mossad all over the plac
And all this merely intended to keep the wall in tact as the media cooperates byDistorting and
denial of every facs.


Re: who is up to it now and for why

even by these low standards of evidence (in fact so low that they should not be considered evidence)
the one claim is wrong.
a more convinient time for the bombing from the point of view of those who want to make political capital from it would have been in the week before the hague verdict.