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Police Censorship of Religion

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Bogalusa Police and Courts in Louisiana, USA to censor Rev Kenneth R. Bush.

Bogalusa Police / Ken Bush / Malice Use of Force / Tort 131 [1] [11] [13] / slander / libel

Bogalusa Police / Ken Bush / Malice Use of Force / Tort 131 [1] [11] [13] / slander / libel

RE: Bogalusa Police, et, al. Vs. Bush

Note: This story of abuse of powers and censorship happened to me in Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA, April 23, 2004, at 8:15 AM. I am not going to be censored by any Police or City Government. I find that my 1st amendment rights of free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of press have been violated. Ms. Ford, Civil Rights Dept., New Orleans F.B.I., New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, was called, the Monday before the Police broke into my home on Friday, April 19, 2004, and photographs were sent to Ms. Ford regarding my family and I being followed and pressured by the Bogalusa Police in using malice use of force and power. Please read the story below, and this is the 21st century!

News source used:

Subj: news tips
Date: 6/16/2004 9:28:59 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SoulMateReader3
To: images@turner.com

[ Also see the article on the Movie regarding my home town, Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA, called, "deacons for defense" I live this KKK minded mentality even to this day; and, I am a white man. ]

Dear sir / madam:

Please this is news , please read below, I am a pastor that has been told I cannot practice my religion in the city of Bogausa, Louisiana, by the law enforcement of this city.

Please help and read this letter of my situation ( below )

per Rev Kenneth R Bush

Subj: legal letter
Date: 6/16/2004 8:42:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SoulMateReader3
To: SoulMateReader3

Subj: attorney help
Date: 6/16/2004 3:19:40 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SoulMateReader3
To: CMelodyLynne@aol.com

Dear Melody Lynne:

16 June 2004 page 1 of 1

RE: Cyber Extortion, Bush v. Bogalusa / Franklinton Sheriff / Police / City of Bogalusa, Louisiana

I was waiting for you to reply to my e-mails before I wrote you, I have E-mailed the courts regarding attorney help from a powerful man from Florida; and, I have used all the names and info you gave me according to our conversation.

Here is my story from Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA.

On 3-28-2003, I was issued a vendor's license from the city of Bogalusa, Louisiana. I was approved by the Bogalusa City attorney; and, Ms. Paula parker, City of Bogalusa staff member, in charge of occupational license of retail sales or services. My approved license, legally, was called a "Dating Service License".

Note: The license number is 13716, and the vender # SO200

Dr. Jerry Thomas, Louisiana senator, rented me an office at 407 Austin Street, Bogalusa, Louisiana 70427 in the week of March 28, 2003, for the amount of $275.00 per month.

My business was called soul mate and family educational center, where I performed my soul mate matching for 1 person getting paid $5.00, I spoke with 2 others about my work and research.

On April 8, 2003, in the afternoon, I was called by Ms. Paula Parker from city hall where she asked me if I was doing palm reading. I had a sign out by the road that talked of soul mate readings of $5.00. I told her I was not doing palm readings. She said an ordinance officer would come by to talk with me. About 20 minutes later an ordinance officer from Bogalusa city hall came and said I was in violation of article 77 ( Article 77: " No palm reading, divination, or character readings to be performed in the City of Bogalusa. The penalty was 90 days in jail or a $100.00 fine or both" ).

I called Dr. Jerry Thomas, and he was surprised but said, "he count not go to bat for me, his plate was too full". So I moved out and had all the utilities turned off at this business. I signed a 3 year contract for 2 phones the day before, and tried to cancel.

Bell South, tried to bill me for $3,100.00 to pay the total 36 months at once. I was contacted by a New York lawyer by mail and I called him and told him the situation, how I had no form of income and my hands were legally tied. He no longer called me or wrote any legal letters after that conversation in April of 2004.

As you know Mr. Jerry Thomas was caught in Florida ( Or New Orleans depending on the story told ) in Sarasota, having sexual contact with another man in a theater while watching a homosexual movie. He was fined and refused to pay that fine. The other men with him paid their fines, it seemed Jerry was not going to pay as a matter of principle. I know Jerry Thomas' nephew who gave me more background to this story.

[ Please see the story on Senator Jerry Thomas Below ]

I continued to do my soul mate reading in my home on my computer by using AOL. On Aug of 2003 , I started performing paid readings with Keen.com as a soulmatereader and made $90.00 in about 45 days. I would join Kasamba.com as soul mate reader and make between $150.00 to $600.00 in one month, from late September 2003 to April 2004.

On April 23, 2004, the Bogalusa police came to my home with a "so called search warrant and arrest warrant" to take my computer and digital camera. They ( Bogalusa Police ) broke both doors in, and damaged my fence. The Bogalusa Police did also electrocute my 25 pound dog 2 times and almost killed her, she (dog) lay on the ground twitching and urinating on the floor.

I was handcuffed, as well as my wife, Bonnie Bush, and forced to the floor face down. I was led from the home in shorts alone, not being allowed to dress and to wear socks and shoes. For 6 hours at the Bogalusa police station they tried to charge me with running from the police on April 18, 2004, to the state of Mississippi. Seven charges were applied, I did not talk as I asked for a public defender, nor did I sign my name to the 7 charges. The Bogalusa police said I was not giving basic info and said they added another charge of obstructing the investigation, so 8 charges were applied. I signed nothing and said nothing. Later those 8 charges would not be mentioned or given to me at court or applied as a fine.

I was told at the Bogalusa police sub. station that I was now charged with cyber extortion or on-line extortion, a felony in the State of Louisiana, supposedly a new law. I signed nothing and was transfered to the Franklinton Sheriff jail in Franklinton, Louisiana. I spent 5 days there in jail where I was to sleep on the floor and given no tooth brush or basic hygiene supplies. I was not given a mattress or uniform as well.

On April 27, 2004, I was bailed out for the amount of $1,200.00 court fees and bail bondsmen fees. I was asked to pay $1,100.00 out of Bogalusa jail for the 8 prior offenses, this was dropped. I was also asked to post a $25,000.00 property bond, this was changed to $10,000.00 cash and when my brother, Mr. Thomas Bush, from Olympia, WA, tried to pay the cash bond he was denied and asked to pay a non refundable fee totaling $1,200.00. The city clerk claimed that no bank in town could do a cash advance. We saw this as a ploy to get our money. I was told there was a hold on me getting released from jail, and that was mysteriously removed with no explanation.

I have an arraignment on June 21, 2004, at 8:30 AM ( now changed to August 13, 2004, Friday the 13th mind you ) at the court house in Franklinton, Louisiana, where I wish for an attorney to represent me, I plan on presenting a mute plea so the court can enter a 'not guilty plea'. I want a trial by jury.

I have since been followed while riding my bike, with my wife as a legal witness, by the Bogalusa police, they are still harassing me in front of the Walmart, Win Dixie, and Piggley Wiggly stores. I am being tracked all the time. I would like to see if there is a wire tap on my phone according to the Freedom of Information Act.

I would like also to charge 2 law enforcement officers in Bogalusa with a tort 131 [1] [11] [13] for criminally slandering and libelous pro quo upon myself, family, and my religion as I am a reverend. I would also like to charge the Police for using malice use of force and illegally asking judges Green and Judges Black to support an unjust arrest warrant and search warrant, per cyber extortion.

I will seek a deposition into information in connection with a church in Bogalusa ( names to follow, et. al. ) who has commited several crimes against my family, my religion, and my self.

I am open to any questions, please contact me at:

e-mail soulmatereader3@aol.com

See my vision below, this is what the Bogalusa City Hall, Police, Town Fathers, and or Non-seperation of church and state, light blue eyed, white, right handed class of people, are trying to censor me from doing. Please read below:

Psychic Information.

Portal to the Soul

"Beauty is momentary in the mind--
The fitful tracing of a portal;
But in the flesh it is immortal.
The body dies; the body's beauty lives."
Wallace Stevens 1879-1955

Welcome to the Psychic Education Center.

At the heart of the Psychic Education Center is a sincere desire to share knowledge with you. My goal isto teach and inform you about auras, channeling, developing your own psychic abilities; and to teach you how to practice psychic protection. Learn psychometry and how to contact your spirit guides.

What is "Psychometry"?

Have you ever touched someone or something and gotten some kind of message — such as ideas, pictures, or words? ... You are experiencing Psychometry.

Psychometry is the ability to read and tune into an object so that you can give details.

Soul Mate Reader Info:

What is Soul Mate reading?

Soul mate reading is matching and using patterns and data to match two people together using birth date, birth order, handedness, height, musical instruments played, sports played, intuitive talents, empathic gifts, and eye color.

The Patterns and Math of Soul Mate Matching:

I have performed over 2,000 soul mate readings and matching and have seen these patterns and traits:

1. Birth dates - Zodiac: The man is born 6-7 months older then the women, or in cases of same gender relationships: The conservative partner is older then the non-conservative lover.

More detail can be given here in Zodiac Sun Sign Soul Mate Matches:

Aries to Libra; Taurus to Scorpio; Gemini to Sagittarius; Cancer to Capricorn; Leo to Aquarius; and Virgo to Pisces is best in a long-term romance.

Note: Use the birth city to off set the birth date matching by 2,000 miles per month closer to the soul mate's birth date, i.e. a female birth date of 9-3-59 matches a male born Feb to March of 1959 in the same city. Now take the same info but, they are born 2,000 miles away, so there is a one month closer connection: 9-3-59 matches march to April born now. One needs to use the mother's background and or the birth city of the soul mate to calculate this information.

2. Eye Color- Opposites attract in eye color where there is that family genetics, light eyes to darker eyes match ... light blue to green eyes match the best in long term love .. shy eyes match best with outgoing eyes (also in ethnic backgrounds where eye color is brown only: Light brown to dark brown eyes match best in soul mate love)

3. Height- 5'3'' does best with 5'11'' tall .. 5'2'' with 5'10'' tall ... the man, or the conservative partner in same gender relationships will be taller( closer to 6'4'' for the man and 5'11'' for the women will increase "first sight" and "first love" attraction, but divorce raises in the long term) .

4. Handedness- left handed or ambidextrial people do best with right handed ... or right creative brain people do best with left logical brained soul mates.

Note: In gay males this is not always true as the brain tends to be more alike then in gay females .... Gay males don't stay together as long as gay females due to not enough opposites in brain hemisphere, handedness, height, and vocational choices in the gay male romances.

5. Birth order-

1st born does best with baby of the family.

I separate the birth order in odd to even with 1st, 3rd, 5th born matching better to 2nd, 4th, and 6th born ... odd attract even birth orders in soul mate attraction ( only born children are highest for divorce and control ).

6. Musical instruments- the violin, guitar, piano, drums, and or the flute all fit the birth orders of 2nd, 4th, and 6th born and will match 1st, 3rd, and 5th born soul mates .. ( musical people match non-musical people in long term love)

Please this is an on going web page and I welcome ideas to change or cause evolution of this growing information.

Contact me today, please.

I also take your pregnancy questions regarding miscarriages and happy & healthy births. Please contact me for a natal reading.


This is what the Town Fathers of Franklinton have done to a great man, Jerry Thomas .... see his name in my letter above and below


Of course,this is the controlling churches telling the police, sheriff, school board, town hall, judges to make a dull maliced judgement against Senator Jerry Thomas ..... for god sakes, people get a life .... Look for me to file in an out of state venue, a law suit.

LA Repub state senator arrested on adult video store raid; lewd behavior (marrie
Friday, 13 December 2002 @ 13:57:06 EST

Direct link to story /more...

Guilty, lookat his picture (just kidding, kinda)

Alleged Homosexual Agenda Alert: According to the municipal code, lewd conduct is the exposure of genitals, intercourse, masturbation, urination or defecation in a public place or where the act is likely to be seen by another person.

A police source said Thomas was engaged in sexual activity with another man at the store.

From St. Tammany bureau/The Times-Picayune
Covington attorney Marion Farmer, who entered the plea for Thomas in Orleans Parish Municipal Court, said Thomas is "embarrassed" by the arrest but will continue to serve the final year of his term and then consider his options.

"He knows he shouldn't have been there under any circumstances," Farmer said. "He knows he made a mistake. But he has a long career as a public servant, as a coroner, as astate representative and as a state senator. He's done a lot of good."

Thomas, 49, whose district includes a portion of St. Tammany Parish, was arrested Tuesday afternoon after police allegedly saw him committing a violation of the municipal lewd conduct statute during a raid at A&N Kola Video Inc., an adult book and video store on Chef Menteur Highway.

He is married, has four children and is a member of First Baptist Church in Franklinton. He also belongs to several civic and professional organizations.

Written by soulmatereader3 (Link to this entry)


http:// http://journals.aol.com/soulmatereader3/PsychicHealth/

http:// http://journals.aol.com/soulmatereader3/PsychicHealth/


Re: Police Censorship of Religion



The Louisiana public defender system will be nationally recognized as a system which provides exemplary, professional, consistent, ethical, and legally sound criminal defense services to the poor.


Without regard to gender, class, race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs, the public defender system of Louisiana must stand ready to protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes and provide those services in a manner consistent with constitutional, legal, and ethical norms befitting our society. The provision of defense services must be done in an economically feasible manner on an economy of scale, and with due regard for the rule of law. Each aspect of the defender system must ultimately be client based in its function, management, and actions.


The Louisiana Indigent Defense Assistance Board's general mission is to strive to coordinate and improve the public defender system through education, specialized training, technical assistance, sound financial and administrative guidelines, case assistance, and managed resource allocation. The Indigent Defense Assistance Board's specific missions are:

1. To establish and effectively manage a supplemental financial system for the forty-one judicial district indigent defender boards based on specific, articulated, and verifiable needs and available state funding. La. R.S. 15.151 .2(A).

2. To establish and effectively manage a supplemental case support system to handle capital cases and felony appeals for the forty-one judicial district indigent defender boards based on specific, articulated and verifiable needs and available state funding La. R.S. 15:151.2(D)(2).

3. To establish and effectively manage a supplemental financial system to defray the expenses associated with capital and serious felony cases within the indigent defense system based on specific, articulated, and verifiable needs and available state funding. La R.S. 15:151.2(D)(3)

4. To establish and effectively manage a technical assistance system to provide direct and indirect funding and administrative assistance to the forty-one judicial district indigent defender boards based on specific, articulated, and verifiable needs and available state funding. La R.S. 15:151.2(D) (5) and (8).

5. To establish and effectively manage a capital post-conviction program to provide direct and indirect funding and administrative assistance to the forty-one judicial district indigent defender boards based on specific, articulated, and verifiable needs and available state funding. La. R.S. 15:151.2(E)(2).

6. To establish and effectively manage a capital appellate program to provide direct and indirect funding and administrative assistance to the forty-one judicial district indigent defender boards based on specific, articulated, and verifiable needs and available state funding. La. R.S. 15:151.2(E)(2).

7. To establish and effectively manage a juvenile justice system to provide direct and indirect funding and administrative assistance to the forty-one judicial district indigent defender boards based on specific, articulated, and verifiable needs and available state finding. La. R.S. 15:151.2(E)


Without regard to gender, class, race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs, the public defender system of Louisiana must stand ready to protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes and provide those services in a manner consistent with constitutional, legal, and ethical norms befitting our society. The provision of defense services must be done in an economically feasible manner on an economy of scale, and with due regard for the rule of law. Each aspect of the defender system must ultimately be client based in its function, management, and actions.

Re: Police Censorship of Religion

August 14, 2005 Page 1 of 2 March 27, 2005
Dear Mr. Talley:
I have enclosed several document regarding my case, giving you background, about my life and how it has been living in Bogalusa as an outsider with different religious beliefs. I am also including an article on Cyberstalking called, “ Cyberstalking – Is it covered by current Anti – Stalking Laws? ”. And finally, personal letters from my wife, Bonnie, and I, telling about our unjust and malice harassment of the Bogalusa Law enforcement.
Here are my concerns about the case so far: and, what I would like to see done according to the research that I found on presenting a legal defense:
1. I have not had enough time to plan a case with you Mr. Talley, I understand you are busy and over worked. I saw that over scheduling problem with my own eyes. Can we ask the court for an extension of at least 3-4 months to prepare for this case?
2. I would like to know if you were able to file and argue motions in court? Have you filed a motion to recover the computer and digital camera? Have you filed a motion of discovery? What motions have been accepted by the courts?
3. If you have filed a motion for discovery, have you filed for dismissing the case for the D.A. not presenting enough proof of evidence?
4. After getting the discovery information and computer / digital camera, can we hire an expert in cyber-laws pertaining to information found on the hard-drive, and connected with the internet service?
5. There is some problems of malice treatment in regard to my arrest on April 23, 2004. I was led from my home in only shorts, no shoes, socks, or shirt. Bonnie, my wife, and I, asked if I could get dressed and I was refused by the Bogalusa Police. This was witnessed by the ranking law enforcement on the scene.
6. I was transferred from the Bogalusa sub station to the Franklinton Sheriff’s Department, without me giving any I.D. or signing any documents. I did not speak of my name, address, or anything about this case. I remained silent on their legal questions, only asking for a public defender to speak with, which I was denied. Is this a legal move with no I.D., no information given?
7. I included the vision statement in this packet from the Louisiana Indigent Defense Assistance Board office of the Governor which says, “ The Louisiana public defender system will be nationally recognized as a system which provides exemplary, professional, consistent, ethical, and legally sound criminal defense services to the poor.” This should cover experts on my behalf.

Page 2 of 2
8. In order to protect my legal rights, Bonnie tried to cancel the AOL internet account and could not according to AOL staff. Bonnie was told by several people that someone was using my the AOL account while I was in the Bogalusa and Franklinton jail for the 5 days. The hired expert in cyber-laws and the computer hard drive can explore this event.
9. The jurisdiction of the computer needs to be located by the expert as well, as this computer was used in two different cities in Michigan at the same time as used in Bogalusa. The account was in Tm Bus name while he lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the time of the arrest. Tim Bush and others had access to that account while out of state changing the jurisdiction of the alleged e-mail.
10. Looking at the research, stalking is defined as in literal terms as intentional and willful following or lying in wait for such other person and causes such other person to reasonably fear for his physical safety. That is not the case here as I met this person one time for 20 minutes in the presence, only, of three other persons in a Sunday school class. That is the only physical contact that I had with this person.

_____________________ ____________________
Kenn. & Bonh
53 Luce
Bosa, L 70

Re: Police Censorship of Religion

church / censorship / 1st amendment / boagalusa / bush

Statement of Rev. J.T. Wright, Jr.

Concerning Sunday morning, April 4, 2004: ,.

.. Mr. Ken Bush was brought to my Sunday School class by Mrs. Vaiden Barlow after the beginnit,g of Sunday School. He asked to come to a class where someone was teaching who had a Master of Divinity degree or a Pill. I was the only person who fit that description in attendance that morning. He made some off hand comments as he first entered the class, which I attributed to an extremely dry sense of humor. I began to teach the lesson, which was on wealth. I was in the middle of making a point about preachers who advocate a "health and wealth" gospel, when he began to contradict me. He asked for the chalk, and began to explain on the chalk board his
theory that Esau was connected to health, Jacob was connected to wealth, and that Esau was linked to Saddam Hussein, and Jacob was linked to George Bush. He then theorized that each represented a particular side of the brain, that your corpus callosum represented God, and that
evil didn't really exjst. When I began to refute his arguments using sound biblical scholarship, he became agitated. He insulted my scholarship, the abilities of Dr. Whit Gallaspy, and made derogatory comments about First Uruted Pentecostal Church. He told me that 20 years from now, I would understand his theory, and that I should listen to his wisdom. He told me that my Father would tell me to listen to him. In his comments about First UPC, he made derogatory comments about illegitimate children. I told him that I did not appreciate his comments, because I had an adopted son who was a product of such a union. He told me that I didn't understand what he was saying. When confronted with his odd behavior, he merely persisted in explaining that we really could not understand what he was saying. I had to leave to be ready for my sermon, so I told him that he was not welcome back, and that it was nice knowing him.

Concerning Wednesday evening, April 7, 2004:

Our financial secretary received a message from Mr. Bush on Tuesday, April 6, and he
told her to have me call him back "if I had the guts." I got the message on Wednesday evening, about 4:00 p.m. I called him immediately. He did not know me by name. His tone was arrogant on the phone. I confronted him about his school background, since he claimed to be a biblical scholar (he had questioned Dr. Gallaspy's credentials in Sunday School). He gave me some questionable credentials. We exchanged arh1Uments on doctrinal issues. He stated that he would tell all of my church members about how I had treated him, and how I was wrong in my doctrine. I told him verbally that he was no longer welcome on the church premises, and that any violation would result in a call to the police. He told me as I hung up, that I needed to be careful driving, especially my left turns. I asked him if he was threatening me. He said that he was being prophetic.

Re: Police Censorship of Religion bogalusa / LA / Bush / freemasonry / scottish rite

who are these police people? Who are these bogalusa, Louisiana, Police?

They come into a home and almost kill a dog? They then joke about the dog almost dying. This is animal electrical torture per capt kellis / capt crosby / Lt. adams pfc's bracey, smith, o'berry, brdges, phelps, joe culpepper, bob black

shame on you.

shame on you for waving a flag and calling yourself Christian.



(By Contributor)

This is a copy of an original posting. I feel urged to pass it on here. I hope that you feel the urge to do likewise. Remember how the ‘enemy’ sought destructible form.



We might consider the Internet to be the solid foundation and medium of the 1st degree.

Those who maintain interactive websites are the mediums of the 2nd degree.

Post initiators are the mediums of the 3rd degree.

Post respondents are the mediums of the 4th degree.

The witnesses of post respondents are the mediums of the 5th degree.

The 6th degree ultimately begins to oppose the freedom of the 1st degree, by going after the 2nd then the 3rd degree (individual), preferring not to bear witness to the 4th and the 5th degree. Suppressing the fifth degree is where the warfare and selective labeling breeds.

These are the 6 mediums of the permitted realm of expression and suppression.

The 7th medium is a witness before the world that declares ‘We the People’ are the media and ‘thee the oppressor’ will not suppress our assemblies and marches for world peace and the rapid, thunderous dialogue that We Truly Do Require. The people, out of free will, must call forth the 7th medium for the adoption and protection of divine innocence.


About Torture of the Mind, Body and Spirit

(OUR apologies to those named herein, but law requires that charges can only be mediated between living entities. The term ‘Locus Standi” has been clothed in sackcloth. Shall libel once again trump locus standi?)

Open Letter to the Vatican, President G.W. Bush and the Council for National Policy, Stephen Harper, and All other Government Institutions that Will Not Partake of “Babylon”:

“You People” would have us think that democracy needs to be rescued from the state, but in the interest of the oppressed multitudes, as history does testify, democracy needs to be rescued from your theocracy. What has changed in the last two thousand years?

“You People” hide behind a veil while you chip away at the wall separating church and state. This is why “You People” gather in some secret “holy place” three times yearly, to devise plans – not to educate the public as a viable 501 (c) 3 charity.

“Your” Mother is “Babylon”. She is a tax shelter. She is a shelter of serpents and the mighty merchants of the Earth. This is why You People keep that Old “Whore” on life-support.

Through censorship, humiliation, threats of libel, or fear of crucifixion, “You People” hold back the publicity that would tie a millstone around the neck of “Babylon” and cast Her into the abyss. What has changed in the last two thousand years?

To be mightier than the sword, the pen must be mightier than the blue pencil. This is why prophets write riddles, and false prophets like “You” ancient Papal Representatives of the Council for National Policy are unable to interpret them in ways that render them meaningful to the hopeful.

Given the right incentive, “You People” will back down from your religiously disguised tyranny without raising the sword. Moreover, without raising the sword, the right incentive will appear to “You People”.

“You People” cannot come forward and defend your “Harlot” Mother in court, and thereby incriminate yourselves before the world, without a constitutional amendment to protect your sorry souls from judgment.

Libel, from Latin libellus “little book”

[Paste ‘twinkle_twinkle.gif’ here.]

“If we did not believe in their book, they would not listen to us. So now we invite them to come have a look at what we’ve done with their wonderfully mysterious book.”

* That which leads into captivity will go into captivity. *

Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI, Tim LaHaye, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and the Council for National Policy, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and All other Religious Institutions that Will No Longer Partake of “Babylon”:


When the false prophet stands up to speak, he accuses the enlightened one of either fulfilling (as anti-Christ) or attempting to fulfill written prophecy.

When the false prophet stands up to speak, he closes his eyes and ears lest he should see for himself that the messianic need not wait for written words to become manifest.

When the false prophet stands up to speak, the eyes and the ears of his congregations remain closed.

When the false prophet stands up to speak, he incites tribulation, whereas the enlightened one stands up to speak so that the days of written prophecies will be shortened and the sting of death will no longer “wear out the saints of the Most High”.

When the enlightened one stands up to speak, he will arrive at the judgment throne before the Accuser is able to.

When the enlightened one stands up to speak, he publicly invites the false prophet to join him before the judgment throne and the congregations of the differing peoples.

When the enlightened one who is protected by the wings of providence stands up to speak, the eyes and the ears of the world become opened.

[Paste ‘censor_this.gif’ here:]

LIBEL MUST BE IMPOSED UPON THE LAWS that fail world security and uphold the right to remove the rights of others and spit in the face of the universally accepted golden rule which summarizes ancient and modern, religious and social, policies and speculation (prophecy).

“A true prophet in any nation is a true prophet for every nation.”

The “Devil’s” policy is the same in every nation: “Tear down that wall between church and state, so that the world may never bring me to justice.” Oh, but he couldn’t wait for the saints to remove the veil first. It is no wonder that the peacemakers have been so frustrated trying to deal with religiously misplaced spirituality. It is no wonder they go mad within the confines of fighting the blue pencil of “Babylon”. Oh what tales that blue pencil does tell.

“Shut out Truth.
Silence the Host.
Play the part of the Holy Ghost.
Control the knowledge that they need most.
Then rape their god “fearing” souls from coast to coast.”

The false prophet emerges from behind the veil. He stands before the congregations warning them of what is to come. Then he returns to the secret chamber to formulate the fulfillment of his words.

None will save “Babylon” but those who work in the dark secrecy of Her “most holy” place.

“Messiah” is not someone that the dragon can destroy. “Messiah” is a song of jubilee.

“Messiah” is not something that the serpent can deploy. “Messiah” is a song of jubilee.

If they say that “He” is here on earth in a destructible form, “believe it NOT”!

“That which leads into captivity will go into captivity.” *

Together we will say, rise up and come away.

This is a copy of an original posting.

[Paste ‘tw_anim_public_domain.gif’ here]

(Always make your URL link to the place you will publish or copy and paste to next. Feel free to replace these URL links as the ‘little book’ becomes polished in the waters and sunshine of Public Domain. And decide with friends and family whether or not you should FORWARD THE JUDGMENT.)

[Replace links here]

[Replace links here]

[Place links that have removed FORWARD THE JUDGMENT here.]
[Place links that have removed FORWARD THE JUDGMENT here.]

From the Dark Political Alleys to the Light of Independent Media and then Dependent Media

If they are trying to decide if they should charge you with a crime, let them investigate the matter on their own time.

We are not required to submit to privacy with those who might possibly be exploiting their position in order to lead us into a dark political alley. So many people get screwed over for speaking without family, friends, witnesses, or lawyers present. With witnesses it is much more difficult for politically deployed agents to twist your testimony around in court. Let them deal with this difficulty, rather than you incurring the difficulty of disproving what your nervous psyche supposedly uttered in some dark political alley.

Whether or NOT one is charged with a crime, when one is alone, one should not speak but verbalize this determination and firmly expect the agents to refrain from intimidation or further questioning. Until one is charged with a crime, it is one’s right to continue walking. If you have the desire to be helpful invite them to a popular coffee spot.

Remember too, that your psychological state is yours to maintain and yours to protect yourself from legal disadvantages.

Torture is an absolute abomination of the Fifth Amendment. If torture is overlooked when people are suspected of terrorism, corrupt politicians will be looking to label dissenters terrorists. I am afraid that this is already happening. Democracy must organize itself to cut off the lifeblood of those who hold such gruesome command.

Those who are illegally detained by US and international authorities rightly ought to be defended in the International Criminal Court, and deserving of restitution. When such crimes become the order of any democratic administration, democracy receives a deadly wound.

Are innocent people serving time while being tortured?

Who is at all interested in preventing government sanctioned torture from coming to his or her neighborhood?

If anyone needs help deciding if we are guilty of demanding that the game of politics must be made to remain transparent and fair at any attention-getting cost, they will have to decide that in court.

Let our accuser choose between meeting with us in court, or joining Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan for a long overdue dialogue.

When the great terrorist comes charging at me, what will I be charged with?

Who will scuttle me away into the dark alley where the abomination of desolation begins?

What makes me worthy not to be tortured in some CIA prison, if I will not stand vehemently opposed to such evil? Will I stand up too late?

NOTE: Feel free to incorporate this into your own publications at Independent Media (indymedia.org or any website that accepts posts).

There might even be an indymedia.org serving your region. You can publish locally or internationally. Most Independent Media websites are quite lenient with their anonymous publishers; in fact they will even save the crazy rants at a link called ‘Hidden Posts’ or ‘Hidden Articles’.

If you have any problems publishing at the main website, try any of the other regions listed down the left side of its opening URL: http://www.indymedia.org

Please bookmark this page now, so that you can come back and compare notes:

Thank you.

Cause those who would orchestrate fear and personal contempt to look to the light of the peacemakers, and the international support thereof.

What is a threat?

We the People, who recognize that we have been made spiritually irresponsible by confusion of doctrine and the necessary twofold aspect of our true liberties, have no choice but to desire more than just a First Amendment right, to remove the abomination from the democratic media temple – the abomination that causes desolation.

We have always been torn by a commanding passion for irreproachable justice. We also have been torn deciding whether or not anonymity would be a more prudent and free platform to carry out our quest to pluck the wings off of the dragon.

The dragon followed the stars, wherever they did shine, but now without its wings, the poor thing must slither back into the garden – lest truth should stomp on its head.

At this point, God will still not be reduced to suppresser, but give mercy to those who confess that they too were confused by “Babylon” – that crafty old whore of collective conscience.

You are marked if you contribute to the suppression of others. You are marked if you live heavily burdened, because you suppress your third eye. Without knowing so, humankind has been spiritually irresponsible and so strangely afraid of the marvelous wonders that lie in store.

“Come”, let us truly reason together and seal up the serpent and the dragon and the beasts that they have brought alive, in their traditions of death and crosses and other such deterrents of dialogue...

Evil has nothing to fear, but the inability to cause fear.

Babylon is falling very, very quickly. Let us open the other “eye of Horus” and escape the wrath of blindness.

Let us put that blinding fruit back in its place and condemn that old serpent for telling us that it would open our eyes.

What shall We the People have? Shall we endure a great tribulation, or worldwide celebration? Go ask Bob Geldof, or Bono, or any other of these Bad Boys – and GIRLS!

Let the Godhood, that we have not known, be merciful unto us all… Amen and AMEN.

Messiah is not someone that the dragon can destroy. Messiah is a song of Jubilee.
Messiah is not something that the serpent can deploy. Messiah is a song of Jubilee.

The dragon guards the serpents’ diddle, so the prophet must write a riddle.

What is libel? Who should be sheltered by libel? Let the false accusers remain silent.

What is a threat? Who should be sheltered from threats? Pat Robertson? George Bush? Hugo Chavez? (Did you notice the polite ordering of names?) Should the Council for National Policy be sheltered? Stephen Harper? Or should we be more concerned about a world conscience that is being subjected to the terrorism of haphazard politics and religion, and the flawed laws upon which they hinge?

Let us cut the crap, stop looking for a scapegoat, and get to the dialogue of liberty and justice for all nations which have been intermingled under this foolish umbrella the keeps the rains of G_d from nurturing our thirsting universal spirit.

On January 23, 2006, LET Canada vote for a policy – not a person – then decide who should claim its leadership!

Let us now dedicate our honor of unity and jubilee to the late Pope John Paul II, and invite Pope Benedict XVI to help us empower our throng, in a march away from the shelter of “Babylon” and every detestable Reich that She brings upon humankind.

Cause those who would orchestrate fear and personal contempt to look to the light of the peacemakers, and the international support thereof.

Show us some Intelligent Redesign of Religion, and we will show you Intelligent Design.

~ Dedicated and forwarded to Hugo Chavez, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the LGBT community, the Seventh Day Adventist World Church and Liberty Magazine, the ACLU, the Anti-Defamation League, the BCCLU, Prime Minister Paul Martin, Larry Campbell and Marc Emery of Canada, and dedicated to the generations that shall move beyond this day of confusion and terror lie. And thanks to the RCMP who’s reticence inspired us to go forward with this message.

[Place Relevant Foundation Here]
And The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation

Seeking accountability

“And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.” Revelation 10:8 KJV

One spark can warm up this planet to a temperature that the unjust cannot endure or impede. For now, we will go out to watch and report what enters in…

The sum of the following:

2 tells/emails/telephones 2 tells/emails/telephones 2 tells/emails/telephones 2 to the 33rd degree equals 2 billion to yet be born. All would happen in the duration of 33 degrees or about 1 hour.

Say, “I can’t explain this, it is too strange to explain in two minutes. Just go look.”

No one needs to jump from an office tower during rush hour. No one has to jump with a box of photocopies pointing to this Internet ‘libel little book’ at Google, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Searchalot, or whatever. No one has to prophesy death or explosion to spare him or her self.

The judgment of our ‘little book’ arrives now by the hour… It evolves out of confusion, just as they who have tried to prophesy for selfish gain. Oh, it is all so ‘insane’. We Are Ready to Remove the Sackcloth. Amen.

LET US, move to dedicate our charge toward Liberty, Equality, Acceptance and Prosperity (LEAP) to the peoples and foundations that have worked diligently for the hearing of true justice throughout this earth and through its foundations of charity.

[Paste ‘google_search_screenshot_libel_little_book_before_alteration.gif’ here]

[Paste ‘google_search_harper_cnp_screenshot_before_alteration.gif’ here]

Satan’s Quest for a Trinity

There is NO WAY for THE DEVIL to push Messiah off the Pathway to Judgment. But the ONLY WAY to push THE DEVIL off the Pathway to Messiah is to strip HIM of every veil that HIS SERVENTS should wish to cling to.

During its history THE VATICAN has DEMONSTRATED how to fabricate a locked in TRINITY FOR THE DEVIL, but such a trinity can only exist below the realm of judgment and in the hearts of men, whereas divine justice reigns safely above the realm of the corruptible.


How long will the Bush Crime Family deny open dialogue on the implementation of justice and liberty in Iraq?

Since they have never stepped outside of the box to ask the public for input, how can the Bush Crime Family know the world’s vision for Iraq?

Why are we allowing freedom of policy for these Crime Bosses who fabricate secret plans for their own advancement?

We can only assume their cowardice and deceptive flirtation with self-suppression.

Though we may not be able to provide legal papers to indict the Bush Crime Family, we can freely and honestly accuse them of effectively applying the Fifth Amendment to deny dialogue with the press.

We know that people who wind up before the high courts, swearing the Fifth Amendment, in such a capacity often seem about as seedy as the tobacco giant Brown and Williamson and those who extort taxes from peoples’ addiction – under the pretense of issuing health concerns. Just today, I bootlegged a pack of cigarettes for an addicted young man who, by ‘legal’ standards, is not permitted to purchase them for the $11 dollars that he can hardly afford. When I was sixteen, I craved and purchased cigarettes and grace was with those who didn’t get in my way.

I am NOT encouraging young people to smoke cigarettes; I am just stating my gripe with prohibition and censorship and their selective nature. I will not encourage smoking anymore than President Bush or Jerry Falwell persuades people to label each other ‘friend or foe’. (See the Falwell web page that I have screen captured.)

[Place ‘falwell_screencapture.gif’ here.] http://www.falwell.com/?a=

Satan’s Quest for a Trinity

There is NO WAY for THE DEVIL to push Messiah off the Pathway to Judgment. But the ONLY WAY to push THE DEVIL off the Pathway to Messiah is to strip HIM of every veil that HIS SERVENTS should wish to cling to.

During its history THE VATICAN has DEMONSTRATED how to fabricate a locked-in TRINITY FOR THE DEVIL, but such a trinity can only exist below the realm of judgment and in the hearts of men, whereas divine justice reigns safely above the realm of the corruptible.


Re: Police Censorship of Religion

Dear Governor blanco

I need my FEMA trailer that was promised to my family by a fema representive.

I live in Bogalusa, washington parish, LA, and am told that by FEMA staff at the Bogalusa FEMA office, that I cannot get my trailer for more then 18 months as the government of washington parish, and bogalusa mayor has blocked my FEMA trailer.

This is wrong!

I need help here Ms Banco, governor of Louisiana


signed Ken Bush, bogalusa, Tax payer

Ps see the forum log below of some tax payer in washington parish I guess - read with an open mind.

this is from a site:

fema trailers not allowed in washington parish, in Lousiana

the major of bogalusa, LA and the parish president of washington parish, LA, are not allowing FEMA trailers to come in and be set up on deed owned property in bogalusa and Louisiana's washington parish. Also, FEMA tells me that the Louisiana Governor doesnt have the time to care about washington parish, I do know that Dr Jerry Thomas, LA senator, is not allowed to help his own people of boaglasa, LA, as a result of him being "so-called" in, new orleans, at an adult book store with his so called pants down.

Here is a message for all the law enforcement that tried to convict dr jerry thomas, f--k u ... did u ever wasnt to f--k your wife's friend? Did you ever see a playboy and get hard? Who the hell are u people?

What do u want, perfect peckers? Do you go after the pastor of superior baptist church in bogalusa, for having sex with minor girls? Do you go after one ken b--h for some made up trumpted charge called cyber stalking and or funking cyber extortion, when u should be cleaning your own house?

What kind of f--ked up court - police system are u running?

And ... do u feel u can stop me from a law suit after the statute of limitations has run out?

check this out, just for u selling poluted water to tax payers of bogalusa and washington parish I will start a class action law suit

You messed with the wrong white, michigan born , educated in the north , left handed man.

May your souls rest in peace after I buy all of your burned out homes and use them to bring in the homeless of the Katrina hurriane. You will not win this legal battle mr president of washington parish and mayor of f--kin bogalusa, LA.

have a fickin day

best Law writer of bogalusa

Re: Police Censorship of Religion

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