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Illustrated: How To Detect Infiltrators and Observe Covert Police Misconduct



This is a non-fiction article regarding real-word domestic espionage in the US, the majority of which appears to be illegal.

This article discusses how to detect police spies, in the flesh, in their vehicles and how to observe their tactics, as well as a historical perspective on the use of spies.  It is also very critical of community policing groups like Cellular On Patrol and the alumni of the FBI's National Citizens' Academy, who practice harassment tactics against American citizens, sometimes to the point where their victims commit suicide.

The goals of these "terrorist" harassment tactics is not to disrupt criminal behavior or even public disorder, but to disrupt activities of "daily living," such as going to work or to the gym and "life processes," such as eating and sleeping.  This is essentially a slow execution and it leaves no traces of evidence.  I can guarantee you that "every" police agency, that has a covert apparatus large enough to carry this out, uses these tactics on whoever they "choose" to target.  While "every" city and town in the US has adopted this system, this will be carried on much more aggressive in the big cities.  This includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

This creepy expose' contains lots of photography taken by myself at great personal risk and often cost.  It should be an informative and thrilling read for those interested, not only in the spy genre, but in the preservation of civil and human rights.

Under the shroud of "Community Policing" the US has been transformed into a totalitarian "Police State" without a vote and without warning.  We now live in a society "saturated" with police spies. This makes us "all" prisoners and the "prisoner's dilemma" the only game in town.  This is "not" a life, certainly not one worth preserving and certainly not one worth fighting for.  

The US has also been instrumental in exporting this "system" globally.

My goal in providing this information is to help you detect and be able to bear witness to police harassment and other forms of police misconduct.  Our police and their "civilian partners" have never behaved more criminally and are especially likely to do so, when under the cloak of anonymity.  Learn to observe, so you can be the judge.

This is a one of a kind item and contains what some may consider "state secrets."


Title Page 1.

Forward 2.

I-How To Spot Their People 4.

Verbally, Emotionally, Behaviorally, Visually.

II-How To Spot Their Vehicles 10.    

Ordinary Vehicular Tradecraft, Decals, Use of Lights as Pointing

Devices, Handsigns While Driving.

III-How To Spot Their Tactics 38.

Vehicular, Residential, Workplace, Gym, Commute on Public

Transportation, Appointments and Reservations, Miscellaneous,

Street Theater.

IV-The Role of Community Policing Groups 45.

Cellular On Patrol, The Role of Code Enforcement, The FBI's

National Citizens' Academy, COINTELPRO.

V-Vigilantism 68.

Definition, History, The Vigilante Profile, Types of Vigilantes,

The Vigilante Mindset.

VI-The Use of Spies 77.

Advance Knowledge, Types of Spies (5), How To Employ Spies.


History, Organization, Capabilities, Controversy, Hardware, Name,

Ground Stations, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

VIII-Police Weapons of Terror 98.

Laser Dazzler, LASD Sonic Blaster, Viper (RKE) Car Alarm and

Operating Frequencies.

IX-Neighborhood Policing 103.    

Siege Mentality, The Kerner Commission, Abuse of Power, Problem

Solving, Broken Windows Policing, A Rapidly Growing Police Apparatus,

U$A A Community Facade for a War on Crime, Community Policing To

The Rescue of the Social Order, A Sprawling Police Apparatus, Community

Policing Around the World, Brief History of the Neighborhood Police.

You can dowload the complete document for "free" here:










Feel free to print and distribute.

Gott mit dir, Deine Sophie


Also, watch the video here:



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