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Merry Christmas from Bil'in's Weekly Demonstrations


To mark the International Week of Solidarity with the Palestinian people and
the Christmas holiday the people of Bil'in remember their martyrs, prisoners
and wounded and vow to continue their struggle against the occupation with
the aim of establishing an independent state with Jerusalem as capital.

At today's demonstration, a number of Bil'in's citizens as well as a local
journalist were wounded, in addition to the dozens of people who suffered
choking from inhaling poison gas.

These events come during a week of international solidarity with the
Palestinian people as well as the occasion of Christmas. The demonstration,
organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and settlement of
Bil'in, began after Friday prayers from the centre of the village and
marched towards the Apartheid Wall where the soldiers were already waiting.
Dozens of international activists and Israelis marched alongside the people
of Bil'in with a number of protestors dressed in Santa Claus outfits shaking
bells and distributing sweets as they marched. Participants chanted slogans
calling for national unity and the ending of the occupation, as well as the
destruction of the wall. They raised Palestinian flags and banners of the
various factions and slogans calling for the liberation and national unity.

On reaching the wall, the protestors were met with a shower of tear gas,
sound bombs and rubber bullets. A villager, Hamde Abu Rahma, was hit several
times by tear gas canisters fired at his legs and back, while Tariq
al-Khatib KISS was overcome by gas thrown in his face. The soldiers advanced
towards the village, creating a bottleneck which trapped dozens of
participants who were bombarded with the poison gas. The protestors were
forced to retreat to just outside the village where they continued
confrontation with the Israeli soldiers for hours



Re: Merry Christmas from Bil'in's Weekly Demonstrations

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