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Don't Say We Didn't Know 238

 In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled - while ignoring the advisory ruling of theInternational Court of Justice in The Hague - that the path of the separation fence, on the land of the Palestinian village Bil'in, was disproportionate, and had to be moved westward.  Only in February 2010 did the IDF start construction according to the new route, and now a wall has been built instead of a fence.  Previously, some 2,300 dunums (dunum = 1000 sq.m) were on the other side of the fence, now, about 1,500 will be on the other side of the Wall.

Due to the popular struggle of Bil'in’s residents against the fence and robbery of their land, the IDF has been invading the village during the evening and night. Sometimes they come to arrest someone, sometimes just to spread fear. During some invasions stun and teargas grenades are thrown, and rubber bullets shot, and these cause nightmares to the children of Bil'in.  Last week seven such invasions occurred.


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