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לקסיקון מושגים הנותן מושג-מה על הימים הנוראים של מדינת ישראל

מה זה "מישפח"? "משפחת המישפח"?

כדי להגדיר את המציאות הישראלית החדשה (חדשה?) יש צורך במלים ובמושגים שיעדכנו את התודעה העברית, ויתנו לנו מושג על מה שקורה פה.
הנה מקבץ (חלקי) של מלים ומושגים, בכורח המציאות וברוח הזמן -

Art of War : The Metal Heart

The Metal Heart


Brit Lies


The German reformer Martin Luther, for example, was an intelligent and educated man, but he hated all Jews and he encouraged parents to beat their children. He was no perverted sadist like Hitler's executioners. But 400 years before Hitler he was disseminating this kind of destructive counsel. According to Eric Ericson's biography, Luther's mother beat him severely even before he was treated this way by his father and his teacher. He therfore believed this punishment had "done him good" and was therefore justified. The conviction stored in his body that if parents do it then it must be right to torment someone weaker than yourself left a much more lasting impression on him than the divine commandments and the Christian exhortations to love your neighbor and be compassionate toward the weak

Hell In Hebron

The Hell that Israel has made out of a Palestinian city.

I bore Uri Avory's love child

I bore Uri Avory's love child

Art of War : Vietnam Vet

Vietnam Vet

Looking Towards the Future

In the past year I have had the privilege of guiding over fifty young people who were contemplating their army service through 2 day intensive seminars. Three seminars were held with the support of New Profile, the (feminist) movement to bring about a civil, as opposed to militaristic, society in Israel. The seminar's purpose is to provide much needed alternative education and community to those who seek it.

Shana Tova

Shana Tova

Patience is good.


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