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News and activities concerning loss of civil liberties, human rights violations, Constitutional violations, etc.

The Silence of the Fascist Left

The Silence

מעמד הביניים נשחק

מה משמעות שחיקה זו מבחינה פוליטית?

חזרנו לחלום הבלהות

אנו חיים בסיטואציה הניראת כחסרת מוצא. מפעם לפעם אנו שומעים על תוכנית זו או אחרת של הפוליטיקאים הבורגנים, ותוכנית זו כמו קודמותיה מוכיחה כי אין בה שום ממשות. על בסיס הסדר הקפיטליסטי, אין אכן שום פתרון, ואנו פלסטינים וישראלים נדונו כל זמן שלא נשנה סדר זה למוות.

Anatomy of a Home Demolition

ISM Leftists working as Accomplices for Bombers

Bulldoze them!

Up Yours, Leftists, Gaza is My Home

Stop the Indymedia Fascist Lies - Learn the Truth

Sharon shows no respect for democratic principles

Israeli public pressure on Sharon's militarised regime to withdraw from Gaza and the occupied territories is growing. This comes not only from civilians and organisations active in the peace movement, but -- to the great alarm of an Israeli government with deep military links -- also from the country's military and security forces. Sharon would be foolish not to heed the similar experiences of other leaders who faced growing resentment from their army and police commanders as their militarised policies failed.

Irreversible brain damage

Two weeks ago, the international community made a shocking declaration. Giving in to a demand by George Bush, the “Quartet” accepted the “Revised Disengagement Plan” of Ariel Sharon. This means that the United Nations, the European Union, the Russian Federation and the United States confirmed this document. I wonder if any one of the honorable diplomats has read the document with their own eyes. In the first paragraph of the “plan”, the following words appear: “Israel has come to the conclusion that at present, there is no Palestinian partner with whom it is possible to make progress on a bilateral peace process.” That is to say, the international community has confirmed that the Palestinian people has no right to take part in the determination of its own fate...

Israel's Racism

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The Annals of Having Paid To Perform Surveys


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