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you are unique jew

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de ar my very sister and borther residing at Israel.

Christians are told to love the terrorist while hating the terror.

It is crucial to determine the inherent difference betwen the
criminal act and the one comitting it.

All of us are swept under a national rug of suggestive hypnosis that pits one against the other in an old power play
divide n conqer

Resolve to love your neighbor despite his activity and remember that both of you were susceptible to nazional hypnosis that entrapped you in a fearful place...

You know better. you know there is obsolutely Nothing to fear in anyone else or in you for that matter.

Because you are no longer susceptible to hateful suggestion keep in mind that your brother could be.
see him as you see yourself, a person who seeks security not realizing that you are not his enemy but a person who understood wrong- ly the situation at HAND

The few Israelis that I've COME to know impressed me with their ability to think for themselves on political issues while keeping an open mind for other point of view.

I suspect that there is a lot of pressure within Israel to conform to the nazionial consensus while not raising feathers
confrom not
resolve to live by your own convictions regardless of the peer pressure to be a conformist

be the individual that you


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