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Who Are the Terrorists?

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Who Are the Terrorists?

People of Israel, you claim that your religion holds life in the highest esteem, yet everyday your soldiers kill the children of Palestine.

Daily, their young bodies, draped in the Red, White, Black and Green flags of their beloved homeland, are paraded down the main streets of Palestine, carried aloft in a Hero's Farewell, to their final resting place.

Each day another Palestinian mother weeps as her child is buried in sacred soil, shot down in the most horrific manner.

You call the Palestinian's terrorists, while you kill a woman who is nine months pregnant, with an American made Hellfire rocket, fired from an American made Appache helicopter, as she is taking her children home from school.

Each evening, your gigantic, armored Civil Administration, Caterpiller D-9 bulldozers arrive around 2:30 a.m. in the middle of the night and proceed to demolish Palestinian homes, destroying their olive and lemon trees, and other precious Middle Eastern commodities, such as water supplies.

No warning is given to these people that their homes are about to be destroyed. Many people have been buried alive by these American made Caterpillar bulldozers! Fathers have to quickly gather their families and run for their very lives in Terror!

You use informers to find out the location where two important Palestinian leaders are about to be meeting, then you send your helicopters to such location, and then, in what seems like something out of a Hollywood movie, it hovers directly outside the window where these leaders have gathered with their families. It fires its American made Hellfire rocket directly into the meeting room, vaporizing everyone, including the women and children! Is this not Terror?

Since its founding, Israel has started every war in which she has fought against her Arab neighbors, each victory greatly enlarging the size of your nation.

Your government has shown complete disregard as to the opinion's of the rest of the nations of the world, regarding her actions.

Who are the terrorists?

James F. Harrington 2002


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