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Israel is NOT a democracy

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את המאמר הזה פרסמתי לפני כמה ימים באינדימדיה אירלנד, בתגובה על ראיון שפרסמו עם ואנונו.
I published this article a few days ago in indymedia Ireland, as a response to an interview with Vanunu

Israel's top secret(*) - even more than the Dimona bombs - is that the court in Israel is totally corupted.

The newspapers don't write about it, and one honest MP member who at my request asked for investigation, very soon found herself ex MP. Her name is Tamar Gozanski, and she was the only MP (from about 40 MP considered Leftists/Humanitarian to whom I applied ) who was ready, after I provided her with my findings, to fight the corruption

The coruption in court is covered up by the media (also the story about MP Gozanski was hushed up, although journalists to whom I spoke said that its a great story) and not a word leaks, The demon is kept tightly in the bottle. Even the Dimona-demon is more free.

The only outlet I have is the internet, and I have reason to fear that this window of oportunity will soon close .Meanwhile I publish
my articles in israel.indymedia.org ( in Hebrew).

As the court and the media are controlled by the Plutocrats, who also control government-parlament -

Israel is not a Democracy.

More likely a Demon-cracy.

* formaly speaking, as the public is very much aware of the coruption.


Re: Israel is NOT a democracy

You are absolutely and very unfortunately right. This democray stinks. This democracy is nothing but a big consensus. lie amongst the israelies who do not wish to spend one moment to think of their neigbbours in the occupied territories

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